Friday, August 05, 2011

Good. Grief.

It's official now. I want my 40's back.

I walked out to the mailbox yesterday and the first envelope I saw? A summons to jury duty.

On August 22nd.

At the big downtown court 35 miles away. (I never drive there.  Too scary to even imagine doing such a thing.)

They want me there by 8:30 in the morning.


I've got to get out of this. Although I don't have one of their official excuses, I do have some darn good ones. Where they ask you to circle the dates you are unavailable, I've got two weeks of those because of moving-in and out and having to be at a different courthouse to sign final sale papers on a day yet tba. And Tom told me to tell them I have a disabled husband who is no way gonna do all the moving by himself.

Gah. Already I'm praying for mercy and favor and anything else I can think of. I so don't need this right now.

As I said, I want my 40's back. Like, yesterday.


This, too, shall pass......


Well, I just now finished filling out the jury duty form and I used-up all the lines under 'explanations' to descibe my predictament(s) and to ask for a postponement. Then I prayed over the paper and slipped it into the envelope. And now I shall release the dread,  believe for good things and go about my packing and decluttering.



Judy said...

Ugh. I SOOO remember that feeling. My jury summons was for the entire VERY FIRST MONTH of home schooling a highschooler.
Praying for you...

Rita said...

I am so sorry. How about all the young people out there that have not worked and are on government assistance? This IS something they can do. Darn it all! I had this happen several times but the last time I had to miss my first day of teaching my first grade class. Wasn't that nice. The first day of a 6 year olds first grade year and the teacher is busy in court. I could have spit fire. And I don't spit.
Hope your court house is kinder than mine was.

Echoes From the Hill said...

My husband got one, and has to call today, to find out if his number is included in those who have to show up.

I think you have a good excuse, and Tom is right about what you can say.
Good luck!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Is there no phone number you can call? I had jury duty for the month I was in Florida and they moved it to April for me.

Debra said...

Thanks for commiserating with me, everyone. Kristi--no, there's no phone number, really. They just said if you want to have it postponed you can whine in their explanation box. Well, heh.... they didn't say whine, but I know that's what they meant. :) Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok?

Thanks again.... Debra

Margie said...

I just tell them I'll never find anyone guilty because my dear friend was wrongfully convicted. that was about 8 years ago, haven't been called back since :)

Morning's Minion said...

You so don't need this just now! I ws on jury duty 20 years ago in VT--we had to be there at 8 a.m. for every court session--jurors were chosen at each hearing--and then the fun began!

Anonymous said...

Considering how the poor jurors have fared that had to do the Anthony can they expect anyone to be willing?? Good grief, they only judge in ways they are told they CAN do so, after all!! Yea, I have given up voting because every single time I have, I get a summons almost immediately after the voting is over. And then I have to go get a dr's excuse each time (my blood pressure is high, even tho' I am on the maximum dosage and if it was a murder trial, you can bet it would go higher...not to speak of what diuretics do to a person!!) My brother told me not to worry, cause if you let them know how opinionated you are, BOTH sides' lawyers will shake their head "no" and you are free to go. It is terrible to feel this way about doing our civil duty, but most trials are simply a farce these days and often things are settled on courthouse steps, after tying up your life a great long while. I do hope they will let you off...and they might because of your husband's needs. Do you have a dr. (or chiropractor) who could vouch that it would be bad for your health in some way? Has worked for me anyway. (Wouldn't you think they would QUIT sending me a summons, when each time my doc tells them I cannot?) I do so hope for your sake that it will be ok!!

Julie no longer in Texas said...

I was called for jury duty this Spring. Went, was chosen to go to a court for attorney interviews, and was not picked. That did take 2 afternoons. They did say that if you care for a disabled person, you may be excused, so that seems like a valid excuse... The trial was for a criminal theft. Guy looked like a criminal and several potential jurors truthfully stated that they would have a bias against the man, judging his appearance. I searched the guy after I was dismissed and found that he indeed had a criminal history.

Sara said...

I understand the dread of jury duty being that mine is downtown Detroit so I will pray for favor. That said, I am going to be the unpopular voice here and say that jury duting and voting are responsibilities we need to take seriously as Christians. Those who take their hands off the wheel cannot bemoan the injuries of the wreck. I feel as frustrated as anyone when I get those summons but I'm a little sad to see that we are all so anxious to find a way out. If my loved one were standing trial, I would be begging God to fill the juror's box with wise Christ followers. So despite my dread of the drive, the parking, the am I God, send me. My two cents.

Debra said...

Thanks again, Everyone. I am enjoying your stories. And Sara (my good buddy), yes, that's the way we should all be and I think I would feel that way if only, after these past six months of horrible trials, I didn't, instead, feel so beat-up emotionally. I am so unable to sit through a trial right now and thankfully, God knows how much I can take. We all have varying seasons, ones where we need help, ourselves, and ones where we're strong enough to help and fight for others. My current season is the former one. Hopefully, I'll move onto the latter one soon.

Thanks, again, for your comments... Debra

Sara said...

Oh Debra, you are so right. I completely understand the concept of the seasons we pass through and where our hearts need to rest. And I do pray for favor for you during this season. And doesn't the devil (small d intended)just love to throw one more thing at our heads as we are finally walking away from the hard times? Love to you and wishing I could be there to help you move in to your new nest!

Debra said...

Oh Sara--that's perfect! The thing about the devil throwing one last brick just as we're about to walk into total healing. And trust me, I wish you could help me move, too. :) Thanks, Sweetie.... Debra

Anonymous said...

Nice response Debra, you know there are seasons of life. When we are young and healthy and hearty, we SHOULD be out "beating feet", doing...when we are older, the doing must needs change I am finding. We did our duty politically, in fact, one member of Congress we helped is still there (that part not so has been MANY years ago now we helped him get there). But for one friend seeking office, I quite simply wore out a pair of shoes going door to door talking to people about him, in addition to selling a car to give the money to his campaign, etc. (we did put our money and resources where our mouth was!) Even one year both hubby and I were elected and went to the state convention. WOW, was that an eye opener. SO many others that year also went, "to make a difference", had a GREAT candidate for governor that year. BUT, was the graft dismaying. I do not know the answer, but we found ALL decisions were made PRIVATELY, behind closed doors, with the party old-timers LONG before the convention took place...we were simply there to be cheerleaders and to clap. I went to all the pep rallys I cared to go to in High school, quite frankly. THAT is when we quit wasting our time and money in such pursuits. The best way to make a difference so far as we know now, is via prayer, and living day by day in every way, our faith. I wish I knew other answers. (A decade later my rebel child was a delegate to the other party state convention and learned the same thing, to her chagrin!) So please, if you have a REAL solution to these things, do share!
If you are healthy,can still drive in horrid traffic, do go be on a jury! Volunteer even...sometimes in some places they will take volunteers for such things! Bless you if you can do it!!