Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let The Yard Sales (And Lawn-Mowing) Begin

Aww... is this Dutch couple adorable, or what? (Judy H.-- I don't even have to ask whether you love these. heh.)

Today Tom and I attended our first yard and estate sales of the year and oh! The sun shone bright in clear skies and the 60 amazing degrees made everyone giddy and celebratory that our long winter is over. Finally.

The Dutch couple was only $2 and at the next house Tom and I just walked around with our mouths hanging open. The Niagara River flowed right outside the huge window of the family room and a covered stone patio to the left was filled with at least five patio table sets. There was even a real paneled library and a circular staircase with gorgeous scenic wallpaper along the top half of the wall. I told Tom, "All this makes me want to go home and clean up our house." There was a hedge of varied types of bushes and plants on three sides of the front yard and a stone walkway and -- well, what a way to begin the yard sale season.

After we bought groceries we came home and had a pizza picnic on our sunny patio and read a couple of my new books and then I mowed the front lawn--also a first for the year.

And so it goes. And so it begins. And so I find happiness.


Odie Langley said...

There sure is a good feeling leaving a yard sale with some significant for almost nothing. My wife and I have felt that many times and enjoy looking for treasures. With all the pollen I can't say I miss cutting the grass. We have a very nice man cut ours and Linda's mother's at the same time since we are connected on the same piece of real estate. It's a lot with two very large areas and two very deep dithches to weed eat and he does it all for $65 every other week.

Julie in Texas said...

YAY! :)

Pearl said...

My sister and I did the same today, though i didn't find anything near as cute as your Dutch couple we really enjoyed our time outside in the sun shine. We took our lunch to our favorite park and had a wonderful time. Glad your feeling good! Hugs, Pearl

Judy said...

Nothing quite like a cute Dutch couple!