Thursday, April 07, 2011

Of Minding My Own Business

So. Did you see TLC's new Extreme Couponing show last night?

Neither did I, but oh, everybody on my Facebook couponing sites was condemn--uh, chatting about it.

I did watch various preview clips yesterday of the show, saw the couponers-gone-wild, what with their whole bedrooms filled with groceries they'd gotten free (or nearly so). Shelf after shelf of mustard and toilet tissue and deodorant and -- well, you know. Stuff. And the way they tied up check stands for a long time and made cashiers, well, insane.

But I kept in mind that 'extreme' word in the title. It's one of those extreme shows, after all, I mean, who's going to watch a show called, The Occasional Coupon Clipper?

And now every one's throwing a fit and crying 'foul', 'organized hoarder' and prophesying that this will be The End Of Couponing As We Know It since, most likely, coupon makers as well as stores will change their policies after watching shows like these. After peoples' dirty little coupon secrets have been exposed.

And perhaps it will be the end of an era. Could be that God will need to help me save money in other, different ways someday.

But you know? You won't see me at Facebook casting stones. You won't see my little picture amongst all the flaming comments, making snide, prideful statements like, "I'm glad I'm not like those extreme couponers! My ways are better ways!"

Uh, no.

What will I now do instead? I'll allow those Extreme Couponing clips to inspire me to fill my own pantry with nearly-free groceries. I'll get out my envelopes of coupons today and feel more cheered, more challenged to make a cool shopping list which will save me a few twenty dollar bills. I'll enjoy the hunt for coupons online, learn from others' couponing expertise and try some shopping hints I'd not considered before.

And I'll mind my own business and allow other people their freedom to do as they see best, to let the people they respect and know, personally, to speak into their lives--and to learn from their own mistakes.

It's incredibly easy to become all negative and critical. To feel the whole world wants to hear our opinions. Anybody can be like that, no special talent required. It's as easy as rolling down a mountain and any Jane Doe can roll down mountainsides.

But as for me and my house, we wish to become mountain climbers, instead. We wish to save our breath for only good, necessary words while we take the high road and climb toward Heaven.

And we'll pass on just becoming Anybodies With Opinions.


Here's a link to a few clips of Extreme Couponing. Keep letting it play for additional clips after the commercial inbetween, but please don't return back here with negative comments, ok? My other pet peeve is when people watch tiny snippets of a show and then give a long, 3-part sermon. :)


For those who would say, "I don't use coupons. They are only for processed, sugary foods," here's a partial list of groceries I've not paid full price for in weeks or months because of coupons(usually combined with sale prices making them either free or merely costing pennies, way lower than what I would pay at Aldi or Sam's Club-type stores. The "per unit price" becomes cheaper.):

Peanut butter (no hydrogenated oils)
Paper towels
Breakfast cereal(healthy types only)
Cat food
Pickle relish
Canned pasta
Trash bags
Canola oil

And these things I most often (but not always) buy on sale and with coupons:

Frozen vegetables
Bottled juice (no sugar added)
Bathroom tissue
Cottage cheese
Canned fruit (no sugar added)
Boxed/packaged dried pasta

If I had people saving Sunday coupon inserts for me, I'd do better. But alas, we get just one copy of the newspaper each week--Sunday's.


Want to live free? Want to be happy? Try this (it works for me):

"Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your hands... " 1 Thessalonians 4:11


Odie wrote a fun post about coupons today, too! Check it out here.


Oh! This woman lives in a 90 square foot apartment and enjoys it. Watch the video here. (I loved watching it, but am not sure I could ever do that unless I absolutely had to. Then I could. I think. Maybe. ...heh...)


Odie Langley said...

After reading this you really need to see my thankful thursday blog today. Have a good one.

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Hi Debra,

I'm mostly commenting to tell you about this blog

because they are having several days of comparing different potato pancake recipes and one is Gladys Tabers and there is a nice photo of her which I thought you might enjoy seeing - though probably you already have.

My grocery store (the main one I shop at) sends out online circulars now, and you can also pick up extra ones when you walk into the store. They are not coupons, but letting you know what is on sale.

Ann said...

I thought the woman in the little apartment was cute. Oh the things I'm not brave enough to do!! I'm not a coupon shopper. coupons don't like me. I can never find coupons for what I buy but I do my market sales. I do save money that way. and the buy one get one free! I love them!!!

Debra said...

Odie--loved your coupon post! :)

Kristi--oh thanks! I usually do get over to Nan's blog, but I hadn't seen that post yet. And I love the store circulars--I've used them for 30 years to match up to my coupons and save tons of money that way. It's like a game I play. :)

Ann--Oh! Have you tried googling 'printable coupons' along with the brand/name of what you like to buy? That's a good way to find some.

The *best* way I've found is to connect with coupon places at Facebook and then poof! On your home page you'll see all these links appear for coupons of all sorts everywhere, often getting you a BOGO deal even when your store isn't offering that.

Each afternoon I look down my FB home page and always end up printing at least a couple coupons from those links. It's like those coupon people/bloggers do all the work for you (love that!)

Also, do a search at Facebook for products you use and if you 'like' their page, they often will give you a great coupon for your next purchase!

I could go on and on, but I'll stop. Coupons are fun and there are millions out there for everything under the sun--honest! :)

Thanks, Everyone....Debra

Anonymous said...

Watched the linked!! I have a long ways to go to effectively coupon...we use some products due to dietary restrictions that cannot be gotten in most grocery stores near us. And it is rare to find a coupon for any of them...though at times you see them. But you know I have to confess I need to limit how much ahead I get some things...things do spoil if not used up quickly enough. And you are not saving money, time, gas when you have to throw them out! I do need to learn more however, as I know there are ways to coupon that I am not currently using. Thanks for sharing these. Interesting!!

Elizabeth in NC

Lisa said...

we don't have coupons at all here in Australia, but I do wonder why people would get upset by someone else using them - isn't it funny how some people have an opinion on how the world and his wife "should" do things, but they rarely open themselves up for the same scrutiny. I reckon if they are available and useful to you, go for it... clip clip clip, There's far, far worse things these people could have done.