Sunday, April 03, 2011

Calling The Weather As I See It

Oh wow.

One foot outside our back door this morning (so to walk to the mailbox for the newspaper) and I stopped. Instant sensory explosion! Birds chirped and sang from every tree, the air was nippy (34 degrees) but felt and smelled like a springtime country morning and the reeds and tall grasses in our marsh reflected their blond glory in the clear water, below.

Who could ever tire of a country springtime morning? Certainly not me.


The oddest thing happened on Friday.

I checked a couple online weather websites to see what kind of weather we'd have on Saturday and both sites showed a gorgeous, big, fat golden sun and 50 degrees. Yippee! So I made my happy plans--I'd do some laundry and hang it outside upon my wonderful clothesline and I'd putter out there and then sit on the patio basking in sunlight.

So Saturday arrived and it was every golden promise the weather websites had made. We even opened the storm door from our living room to our front porch so to welcome the solar-heated 71 degrees out there(!) into the house.

Then later in the afternoon I thought, "Hey! I'll go ahead and check online what our weather is supposed to be like tomorrow. I sure hope it shows another golden sun and more 50 degree temperatures."

That's when the aforementioned oddest thing happened. I returned to both those weather websites--and then a couple more, even--and they all had snatched away that big yellow sun from our present day and replaced it with clouds and raindrops and temps in the 40's. And they said we were due for more yuckiness tomorrow.

What?!? For goodness sake, they had it right the first time, on Friday! They predicted full sun, 50 degrees and that's exactly what arrived. But now? Now they said, "You are having rain and clouds and cooler temps right now. You will get more of that tomorrow, kiddos." Four weather websites!

Come on, weather people.

So when I saw that we were due for rain and clouds the following day (today), I told Tom, "Ha! Like I'm going to believe those inept weather forecasters? No way. I'm believing what I want to believe!" (Hey, why not?) "I'm believing for more of the amazing clear skies and sunshine and warm temps which we had today. Why go by someone who can't even look outside his window and get it right??"

And well, guess what? When I stepped outside the door this morning the reward of my faith arrived. Oh glorious, happy day. And what a lesson! How often do I believe what I read in print or see online when, actually, it's just plain wrong? Or someone's misguided opinion? How often do I give others' words power to take me down? Well, more than ever, I will be more selective and listen more closely to God to see what He thinks--about everything.

Tom and I survived our 34th icy, cold, snowy winter. Truly a noble thing to celebrate.

See those few clouds? They all burned away after I took these photos. Just clear blue skies remain out there.


What are you celebrating today? Every single day of our lives we each have something worth a celebration.


While rereading some of my blog posts from last year, I came across this song. I'd forgotten about it, but how wonderful to listen again!


Patty H. said...

Good Morning! I'm celebrating sunshine as well. It was a beautiful sunny 50+ weather yesterday, although it was rather windy. Looks to be another beautiful day today. I may find me a nice sunny spot to sit in later.
Patty H.

Odie Langley said...

A wonderful post Debra and ended with the perfect song for today and I plan to show it on my blog as well. Thanks for adding so much to my days.