Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Naomi was six years old, Tom worked every Friday night so those became our Art Nights. Naomi's and mine.

First we'd put in a cassette tape, some kind of music we both enjoyed, and then we would create, sometimes together, often separately. Naomi would dive into her craft kit, a box of recyclable stuff--cardboard, milk cartons, paper and fabric--and I'd grab a paint can and a brush and paint a wall or a chair. Songs would play, we'd make masterpieces and we'd each feel like an Artiste.

One Friday night I even sawed a hole in the ceiling so we could climb up to the large attic room without having to use the icy stairs outside. I was brave back then. Or stupid. Whichever.

Around 7:30, or so, we'd flip on the tv and listen to comedies (oh, those family-friendly 1980's comedies!) then stop creating long enough for a snack. Usually by now Naomi would be wearing a blouse or dress she had cut from fabric and stapled and taped together--I should have taken more pictures but back then we either couldn't afford film/developing the film or I was too unorganized to find a camera, working batteries and film all simulataneously. It was always something.

Yet the photos I would have taken are all here now--inside my head. I see 6-year-old Naomi and those Friday nights as clearly as I see this computer screen. Mothers don't forget those kinds of hours. Ever.

But what I find amazing is that now--22 years later--even here alone, I can go on creating, all day long if I wish. If my head is no longer in imaginative clouds, if my house no more reflects a colorful, creative bent, well, it's my own fault. Just because my little girl grew up, that's no excuse for my outgrowing dreamy days of paint and collage and cutting holes in ceilings...

Fact is, Naomi still is a creative soul and now she sews with a machine instead of tape and staples... But she makes her projects miles away from my home here. And that's ok. We still create together, for can a mother and daughter ever really be far apart?


Jammie J. said...

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

I think a mother and daughter have a bond that is inexplicable. One I've tried to explain to my husband a couple times and end up sighing and saying nevermind. It's different than the relationship sons have with their moms.

The sometimes part comes in when we don't see eye-to-eye on things. For me particularly, I've made some decisions in my life that my mom didn't agree with in any way, shape or definition. The one decision in particular I'm thinking of, it took a friend of hers, a colleague, who was going through the same thing and related it to her, and then *bling* my mom got it.

But in the simplest terms, no, if a mother and daughter have a good relationship, they're never really that far apart. I mean, heck, my mom lives in Korea and I live in California and I consider her one of my best friends.

Wow, that was a long answer, eh? I love your memories about your Friday nights 22 years ago. I wonder how Naomi remembers those evenings... :)

Anonymous said...

We certainly HOPE our daughters will remember the special times. And being they are the women, better chance of their being in our lives moreso, once grown. I know how much I miss my mom and treasure those special memories we made.

Sounds like you did all you could to make some memories with your daughter, Debra! And she is not real far away right? At least in same state!! That helps!! I do treaure the times I have yet with my daughter yet at home!!