Monday, September 08, 2008

See these three cups and saucers? I found them this weekend at a yard sale for just 5 cents each. They are from England and everything. :)

Yard sales are terrific, but you must be willing to visit ones which have nothing of interest to you. You'll drive to many from which you'll return to the car with not one treasure in your hands. It's all part of the game... and the Patience Test.

Gas prices being what they are, Tom and I try to stick to certain boundaries when it comes to yard sales. Fortunately, our boundaries now are all countryside boundaries... Country folk--kindred spirits, many-- hold the best yard sales and often inside old, old barns, a bonus. I stand inside and gaze up at dark rafters and windows and dove nests and picture old-time children leaping from lofts into piles of hay.

Also fortunately, Tom and I now live near 5 'reservation gas stations' so all along we've been able to buy our gas for less (although, weeks ago, it was hard thinking of $4.05 a gallon as 'less.'). Alas.

And speaking of money... While I paid our bills last week Tom sat here at the computer and I told him, "You know, I can't believe our credit rating is so high. Our checkbook says we are always broke and these cash machine withdrawals in here are beyond believable."

But you know? Tom and I do try to spend money wisely... and we do tithe... and we do make the most of sale prices and yard sales... And always, God provides. Somehow. Mysteriously. And in spite of our mistakes, which we wouldn't make if only we listened more closely... if only we could always wait awhile for the things we want most... if only we were always led by Him in our purchases.

Like yesterday, maybe... We'd planned to eat lunch at a popular restaurant in our tiny town, but on the way, we noticed the retro malt shoppe had no cars out front. Not one. We drove down the street to the popular restaurant and the parking lot was packed. P-a-c-k-e-d! Immediately we both agreed, "Let's go back to the malt shoppe, even though their selection is much, much smaller. They need us."

We believe God blesses stuff like that. Someday when we're not even expecting it, a blessing will flutter down to us because of that one simple decision.

Slowly we are getting there. It's all part of the journey.... all part of dying to self and our ways as opposed to His.

I also found this trivet at the same yard sale with the cups and saucers. It reminds me of David Grayson's, A Day of Pleasant Bread, a lovely chapter which you can read here.

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