Sunday, September 21, 2008

Being At Rest With Who I Am

Still here... still busy with good things.

I finished painting our kitchen, well, except for the part behind the refrigerator. I did move the hutch next to it away from the wall, but I refused to move the refrigerator, too, and just did my best reaching around it. Then yesterday I straightened the kitchen, made it nice so I could show you pictures... aimed the camera just so and then drats! It told me to charge the battery pack. Not knowing how to do that, I admitted defeat.

But see, I tried.

Tom and I visited my favorite type of estate sale yesterday, one very much like those I described here. The cutest Cape Cod house with nooks, crannies, built-ins, two little glassed-in porches and a feeling of 1930 in every small room, even to the black-and-white movie playing on two old tv's. Never do I tire of those and I walked away with inspiration beaming from my eyes, surely.

On Friday we drove to the edge of our country town to a yard sale, but it felt eerily like the edge of the Earth. We traveled through miles of long cornfield halls, finally arrived at the tall, yellow farmhouse, got out of the car, closed the doors and wow! The silence was so heavy that it roared in our ears. The house, yard and barns stood in a cut-out square in the center of long, endless cornfields and the sun shown on every stalk. Glorious.

It's so good to be exactly where God planned for you to be. And it's so right to be who He planned for you to be, as well. Lots of people convince lots of other people to be something other than themselves (often from behind pulpits, desks or in front of tv cameras). And how unfair (and ignorant) to be told our dreams are not correct or godly because they are not their dreams.

No wonder many of us wake up in our 40's and 50's like an uncomfortable stranger within our own skin, dicover that we've been duped and then find it easier--and more joyful--to follow God. After all, only He knows exactly who He created us to be and only He can lead us to who we are in Him...and draw others to Him through our unabashed joy.

And only He waits around long enough for us to finish with all our sorry detours.


jodi said...

sounds like a lovely day. I'm still smiling over your post from yesterday.

Judy said...

Oh, I do recall once hearing the sound of silence.

It's noisy here, but the crickets do seem to drown out most of the traffic sounds.

LOVE this post, Debra. LOVE it.