Thursday, September 25, 2008

Of Painting and Resting And Bonnie Hunt

I actually learned how to charge our camera's battery so here are some pics mostly from my kitchen. I was thinking the side of the hutch top leaned toward overdone, but in this photo it's not too bad. hmmm. At least to me.

I found this tin at an estate sale. Seventy-five cents. 1950's maybe?
Here's a side of our kitchen you've never seen. I would show you the sink just inches to the left, but it's full of dirty dishes. heh. Everything that is blue I painted blue last week and the same for the red.
Found this cast iron thing over the door at a yard sale for just $1. I've no idea why I love cast iron and wrought iron. I just do.
And this arrived yesterday from my online friend, Ellen. How thoughtful of her to have something made for us which displays the name of our new place!

So that's all the photos for now...

I did want to mention that always around 2:00 each day I'm ready for (another) break. Don't know why 2:00 is the resting hour--it just is. Well, for months I called that 'TV's Dead Hour' because there was absolutely nothing clever/cute/interesting on. But alas! Now we have The Bonnie Hunt Show. Does anyone else enjoy this show as much as Tom and I do? We've always liked Bonnie's sense of humor and now we watch her and feel as though a friend of ours has her own talk show (love her childhood memories!). Bonnie is great--she makes me laugh until the tears come. Check her out on NBC.

Have a few minutes? Here's an article which will scare you from becoming a pack rat.


Pat said...

I feel the need for the same break around 2:00pm every day also! I just stumbled on the Bonnie Hunt show...I love it. It's about that time right now! Rest well!

Saija said...

i just had a nap!
now after seeing all you've done, i think i need another one!


Anonymous said...

Your kitchen looks cute!

Thanks for sharing the hoarding article. This is a concern for me, on the smallest of scales, but enough that I dream about "stuff" every night.

Laurie S.