Friday, September 19, 2008

Guess Who Got His Tractor?

Heh. Did you catch that Cheshire grin?

And here it's not even the $12,000 one he was eyeing. But he's happy, tickled pink, and that's what matters. His buddy, Al, put it together for him and gave Tom a terrific deal. Just a few hundred dollars instead of a few thousand (which made Debra awfully happy, too).

And so the adventure continues....


Karen said...

A man and his tractor. It's a beautiful thing. :-D

Saija said...

boy does he look happy! :o)

will he use it to plow snow in the winter? looks like it's big enough to do the job!

Anonymous said...

Now that's just too cute! He finally got his tractor and he's feelin' fine.:)

Patty H. said...

He's looks so happy!!

debi said...

Ah! I'm so glad you two made the decision to get a tractor! I can just sense how much Tom is enjoying it and know you will to :)

Judy said...

Now can he officially be known as Farmer Tom?

Truly, a happy man!

My man wants a leaf blower. I'm just hoping for strong westerly winds about mid November.

Reading your blog has always been a joy, but I have to say, this move to the country has been a delight to follow!

Can I just say, the joy you two are experiencing comes through in every word and every picture!

Thank you for sharing.