Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time Warp Wives

My online friend, Anne, has come through again. And in her words I say to you, "You've got to read this."

(I giggled through the entire thing and positively yearned for these women to live on my street. This so inspired me--let me know if it inspires you!)

Thanks, Anne!


Kay said...

I would love to be the 50's woman!! I think we'd all be so much better off if things were like that now - women stayed home and men took care of them!! But I guess I'm an old fashioned gal.

Myrna said...

Well, Good for them!! I admire those women! They are living out loud what I only live in my heart.
I wished they lived on my street, too!
Hey-I finally dropped two decorating subscriptions and am now subscribing to MaryJane's Farm!
I love it! Better late than never, right? ;-)

salina said...

Well...I guess that they did inspire me to a point. I thought at first that it all was a bit strange that they lived their lives almost exactly as one would in those eras but after a while I started to feel like, "hey, that would make my husband extremely happy if he came home to an imaculate home and me looking pretty all the time." Don't know if I can do that all the time with 4 kids to clean up after as well but I will surely give it a go!:)
The victorian era I think would be a very pretty time to live in but maybe not always so comfortable.:)
Take care!

Lora said...

I've always kind of lived that way in my "heart" - longing for an era gone by. But I have to believe that God put me here - right smack in the middle of the present...which is where I have to live in order to serve Him best. Don't get me wrong....I love all things retro! I totally agree with living that lifestyle where each gender had a specific role that complemented one another! And even decorating in the vintage style can be a hobby of sorts that's perfectly fine with me too! Going out in period dress - or only socializing wiht those of like mind goes a bit too far for me though.

Blue-eyed Blonde said...

I grew up in the fifties era, but not in that rich of an environment. We didn't have indoor plumbing till the late fifties or early sixties, so that wasn't especially romantic. But I still like the fifties era--slower and kinder.
Debra, thanks for sharing the pics of your house--love it. I found your blog through The Kansas Prairie Garden blog. I hope you don't mind if I add you to my bloglist.

Anonymous said...

Late in commenting here but...

Although it seems a bit 'odd' that their houses and dress is totally in the era they chose - the attitude is what i really admire. One of the ladies said that her husband gets teased about his homemade lunches, yet i wonder if the others aren't really jealous because he is well care for ..know what i mean?

I applaud them, not only for living a slower paced life (i yearn for that...yearn for it) but for honoring their husbands in what they do. i can't imagine too many men being upset when they come home to a prettily dressed wife and a clean home..or even a wife who's been working in the garden all day...or on their farm... That frees up the man to be the Provider..the Bread Winner and to be totally supported, loved, honored and sheesh..what a happier world we'd have.