Friday, September 26, 2008

This Is Mostly a Test

I was going to write, 'This Is Only a Test,' but in the case of what's happening to the U.S. financial situation, well, it's more.

But still, it is a test. Will we panic? Will we react drastically and make stupid decisions (which may appear like correct ones at this moment)?Will we whimper and complain and moan a whole lot? Will we doubt God and all His promises?

Heaven forbid. Now is the time to draw closer to God, though technically, the time before all this was a darn good time to draw closer to Him, too. Anytime is the right time to link your arm in His and walk down streets and Life together. Close, sides touching.

Actually, all I want to say--the only advice I want to give today--is this: Please do not torture yourself with the news about this latest crisis. For heaven's sake, do not park in front of your tv or computer for the latest dire, end-of-the-world words from the Press.

One of my favorite authors used to do that (by way of newspapers and radio news) decades ago and suffered greatly for it. In her journals she wrote that she just couldn't help reading/listening to the latest WWII news, all the casualties and where the enemies had advanced and conquered that day, etc. Her journals are full of depression and melancholy--not only for that reason--but she spent much of her life disappointed in others, in her marriage, and blown away by Life's unfairness and tragedies. She lived in a place where I was headed during my Nevada Years--years I concentrated upon what was going wrong, rather than right. Years where I tried to yank from people what only God could give me... years when I lost gallons of serotonin through my anger--and disappointment.

She was an author many of us have read and loved and--I hesitate to say this since I try to keep this blog upbeat--it was revealed by her family just this week that she did not die of natural causes. Instead, she committed suicide, a fact which the family hid for 60 years.

There is a reason for verses like this one:

"...whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things..." Philippians 4:8

And yes, we should stay informed, but there's being informed and then there's being bombarded inside your head. There's overload. There's not getting up from the couch or computer chair when Grace says, "Enough!", becoming then, disobedient to God.

So here's hoping you are drawing closer to the only One who --when it comes down to it--keeps us safe and sane and wise. And at peace, even if all the rest of the world is in panic mode.


I realize some of you are wondering about the author I mentioned. You can email me if you'd like her name and a link to her granddaughter's article. But I'm thinking you'd rather not know. Frankly, I'm sorry I found out, for it was hard to shake the sadness. Yet if you don't mind your day being ruined, you can email me here:


The above photo shows the cute Mary Englebreit tray I found at an estate sale today.


Judy said...

Yes. I heard the news. It doesn't make me love her any less.

Anonymous said...

I read the article yesterday. I was shocked and deeply saddened.


Nan said...

I read about her, too.

Patty said...

Such sad news. Imagine how hard it was to suffer so with depression and have a husband that was the same.