Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Chatty Cathy will be filling in for Debra today.

Tom and I drove to the big city yesterday, otherwise known as Amherst, NY, and so, like, when did Barnes and Noble go from playing contemplative classical music to hair-ripping acid rock?? &*^%$. I bought a magazine, then got the heck out of there. Walked down to Target where it was blessedly quiet--no music! I bought a yogurt parfait, found a secluded, hall-like corner of their cafe and read in bliss.

Barnes and Noble--just so you know--Debra is upset with you.

After three hours, Tom picked me up and took me over to Pier One where I finally--finally!-- used my Christmas gift card from Naomi. What I bought is at the top of this post.

That glass-topped table is amazing. You can make it a plant stand, an end table, even a coffee table for the right sofa. Looks perfect in our house and I'd like three more, all different sizes. Did you spy the tiny bird? I may add more.

Anyway, the magazine I bought (splurged on... wasn't cheap) was Artful Blogging, something I bought for blogging inspiration. Wow, it provided that and I recommend it if you're considering quitting blogging, questioning why you ever began, or if you enjoy art and photography or are looking for cool blog ideas and new blogs to peruse. It's all in there and perhaps it will keep you from bailing out of Blogland.

Oh, and (total switch of gears) I forgot to tell you... Where my garden is currently, next year I hope to build (or have built) a picket fence like this around it:

... and then plant gobs and gobs of flowers inside. Huge, tall flowers which grow high above the pickets. Then our neighbor can spray his chemicals all he wants since Tom and I do not eat flowers. Well, maybe not spray all he wants... sigh...

I am greatly anticipating making my own Secret Vegetable Garden out in the meadow next year. People say it will be hard--I disagree. Tom and I can make a couple simple frames, then we'll have a truck deliver some soil--back right up to the trees. I'll fill the boxes, I'll start small--did that before in our last yard and made four frames myself 22 years ago at the first house we bought.

I will prefer gardening back there because I will be hidden. Probably no one peeks out their windows at me now, but it feels like they do. I had 15 years of that in our last house (with its fenceless yard two feet away from the neighbors') and what I've longed for all along is privacy in my own back yard, where I can sit still for hours and stare at a green plant if I wish.

Finally I will have privacy. Just God, Grace and me back there in the meadow. I can't wait!

Have some extra time? Here are a couple blogs from the aforementioned Artful Blogging:

Soule Mama --especially nice for those in the middle of their Mothering Years.
Raised In Cotton --amazing photography and crafts (may take a minute to load)


grammy said...

Hi, Lora sent me over. Read some of your stuff. Garden sounds great. My neighbor has a big one and lets us wander in and pick tomatoes or whatever. No chemicals. Your garden in a medow sounds like Victory gardens during the war. I listened to 'Waiting on a woman'. Heard it before but Andy was so cute in the video. Gotta go to target. (o:

jodi said...

The table looks beautiful.

Saija said...

that is a cool table .. i like it ... really fits into your decor ...

you are sounding like a girl who is happy to be in the country ... i'm smiling ... yup, it is great ... we have had 2 homes in the country - and the privacy and quiet just can't be beat ... of course now, with leo's health the way it is - our condo central is perfect ... everything has it's own times and season ...

blessings on ya!

Marie-Louise said...

Ahhh I know what you mean about wanting privacy. I live in a small coastal village in Nova Scotia and have an adorable half acre of land all fenced in and completely private...heavens!!!


Myrna said...

YOU--my dear Debra--ARE an artful blogger!!
I LOVE reading your posts about your life, your loves (God, Tom, Naomi), and the delight you are taking in making your dreams come true in your darling farmhouse!
Carry on!!

Pat said...

Love the little table, it's perfect right where you placed it. I too love my privacy, my yard is small and feels like a fish bowl. We put up a privacy fence this summer...I enjoy it much more now.

Betsy Mc said...

Don't you just love to add one thing, one special thing, to your home? I would rather find the perfect whatever than buy a whole room full of ho-hum! Your table is great, perfect for its space.

I am so glad about your flower garden ideas and the more remote vegetable garden. I think you will be happy with this compromise and you will keep peace with the neighbors as you gently lead them to a poison-free way of life. It may take time but can be done. Our neighbors on all sides now compete with me for finding solutions to bugs and weeds that don't involve blasting or nuking them. This was not the case 7 years ago when we moved in.

Betsy Mc

Simply Thrift said...

Oooo. I TOO love Artful Blogging.

But my two favorites are Somerset Home and Somerset Life.

I'm waiting for Stampington to come out with one called "Somerset Reality - how to afford to continually purchase our great magazines"

What a great table!

Anonymous said...

Oh acid rock there too? When we were up in Raleigh area a few weeks ago...just a half hour in the store and my head was throbbing. We left without looking further though I had really wanted to look more. I wrote to them...they wrote back: They play what the customers want to hear. Ok, then I guess we get that message loud and clear!! I had thought it was maybe just that store...but you have clarified that. Thank you.