Sunday, August 20, 2006

Down-Home Folks

Well, I am almost back from my blogging vacation.

But I thought I'd run this post again since I was thinking about it yesterday... thinking how true this still is for me.

I hope to see you again soon!

My grandparents were my favorite down-home folks.

Down-home folks are amazing.

They don't spend hours complaining about the government or high prices. Oh, they may get a little feisty sometimes, but never bitter. Mostly they are content and talk about the good things in life.

They are thankful for the few possessions they do have and barely notice that others have much more. If you give them a small gift, they go on and on about how marvelous both you and the gift are.

Down-home folks prefer going to cozy family-owned diners, ones with bottomless cups of coffee. Given a choice between an expensive, fancy-named restaurant and a picnic, they'd choose the picnic.

For entertainment, they like to gather in homes or backyards and sings songs like You Are My Sunshine until the moon stands overhead.

Down-home folks use appliances and linens until they are worn-out. They would consider it a great waste to dispose of something which could be repaired, instead.

They usually have a dog or two. Ones they feed scraps to beneath the kitchen table. They usually plant a garden and grow a few flowers in coffee cans, too.

Down-home folks go to country auctions mostly to visit with old friends. While waiting in long lines at old-fashioned fairs and amusement parks, they never complain. Instead, they turn around and talk with strangers who walk away as new friends. And down-home folks go to church nearly every Sunday.

They have screen doors that creeeeeak and a TV with an old rabbit-ear antenna.

I like to imagine rows and rows of front porches in Heaven filled with rocking chairs and happy down-home folks continuing the great times they had here in this world.

I love down-home folks. To me, they are the salt of the Earth.

I wish I knew more of them.


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