Monday, August 21, 2006

Prayers Like Kites

Early this morning while the summer sun glowed through green leaves, I got into our car to drive down the street to the supermarket. I turned the key and this song by Patty Griffin, below, began playing. My sweet husband had set it for me so I could hear the song for the first time--he knew I would love it.

He was right.

I wish I could play the music for you here, but I can only lead you here, instead, to listen to simply part (scroll down to the sampler, click "listen" next to Kite)...

As I drove and listened to the beautiful music and words, I found myself thinking that church is best when it is this way---people standing in fields flying kites and sending up prayers with them on a Sunday morning... and then going home with the field memories and prayers covering them like cloaks, remaining covered even on into their dreams that night... with prayers still rising, no matter how unchanged things may appear to still be... prayers still rising as kites set free and and flying upward through blue, blue skies toward Heaven...

Kite Song
By Patty Griffin

The Sunday after there was laughter in the air
Everybody had a kite
They were flying everywhere
And all the trouble went away
And it wasn't just a dream
All the trouble went away
And it wasn't just a dream

In the middle of the night
We try and try with all our might
To light a little light down here
In the middle of the night
We dream of a million kites
Flying high above
The sadness and the fear

Little sister just remember
As you wander through the blue
The little kite that you sent flying
On a sunny afternoon
Made of something light as nothing
Made of joy that matters too
How the little dreams we dream
Are all we can really do

In the middle of the night
The world turns with all of it's might
A little diamond colored blue
In the middle of the night
We keep sending little kites
Until a little light gets through

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