Friday, August 04, 2006

My Favorite Game

I'm not much of a board game player. And my days of playing baseball or dodge ball or soccer are, well, over.

My current very favorite game? It's one I like to call Rearranging All My Books.

Gee, I love that game. When I play Rearranging All My Books, I generally play it in the mornings when a certain energy hits me to reorganize. I keep my books shelved in four categories: Kids' Lit., Teen Lit., Adult Lit. and Reference and when I play this game, I remove one category of books from a set of shelves over to another. I place them in high stacks all over the floor then try to place them in the same alphabetical order when the books reach their new shelves.

Sometimes I hold each book and try to recall where I bought it and for how much. I reread the sentimental India ink inscriptions from long ago and wonder what has been the journey for this book for it to be laying in my hands these 80 years later.

I ask myself questions, such as, "Would this be a good book to reread soon? Or do I already have the plot of this story memorized?" Or I'll ask, "Is this book a keeper? Is it worth taking up space on my shelves?" If the answer is, "probably not," I place it inside a bag for Salvation Army or for Naomi to sell on Ebay.

Sometimes I will actually dust my books, but fortunately, since they sit behind glass, they don't often need dusting. Yet most of my books are pretty old, so nearly always my fingers end up with that book dust feeling, anyway. I'm used to it--every thrift shop I go to, I search through books and come away with book dust, whether I take away an actual book or not.

Rearranging All My Books is a great game. At the game's end, I'm usually a little sweaty, I've lost some calories, but I'm smiling because I've paddled around in my sea of books--and really enjoyed the swim.

Hmmm... do you think I could be a bibliophile?

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