Monday, August 14, 2006

A Mini-Vacation... Well, Maybe...

Maybe you noticed I've not been blogging much the past few days... I guess I've been trying to separate myself from this blogging thing a bit. I mean, I still love it, but sometimes it gets too close... too clingy.

Let me explain... When, during every tiny thing I do, I start stringing words together inside my head for a future blog post, well, blogging begins feeling too close. When I can't even rearrange my living room or feed the birds or sit on our front porch without my brain automatically phrasing a blog post about it--then I know I'm in this too deep. Suddenly my life has become too public... and well... I don't like that.

So I don't know... Over the next few days I probably won't be posting too much--or maybe I'll just rerun some earlier stuff or link to other blogs. But I just need to get back to where I can set the table or take a walk without feeling I must tell all you wonderful people about it.... back to where it's His voice I'm hearing, not that annoying writer's voice inside me.

Does anyone know what I mean?

So keep checking back ( I would so hate to lose any of you!) ... I'll return to my old self, my old blogging ways--though maybe a bit revised--soon.

And a very special thanks to each of you who read here and encourage me so faithfully!

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