Thursday, August 10, 2006

Following Grace Around

"But where sin abounded, Grace did much more abound...' Romans 5:20

When I awaken to a day when scarey news reports are preempting regularly-scheduled tv shows, then it's a day to, more than ever, follow Grace around. As though with Elmer's Glue.

If I can watch the news and not get all fearful, then I know Grace is beside me on the couch, whispering encouragement to me while I listen and watch the world situation.

But if I'm becoming a nervous-wreck and Life starts appearing bleak and frightening, well, Grace got up and walked away and I need to search for her in another room. Maybe she's inside the prayer closet...Maybe Grace is waiting for me there so we can pray together, instead.

Or other times, if I'm calm about my daughter and her choices (ones I, myself, wouldn't make), then most likely Grace is there whispering to me, reminding me about real trust of a real God.

But if I'm upset and worried and racking my brain as to how to 'help' my daughter, then likely I wandered away from Grace, probably while she was still talking, still trying to show me a better way... still reminding me about trust.

I have good days when I follow Grace around while holding onto the hem of her dress or sitting beside her. Good days while relying on her to tell me where to go or what to avoid. She keeps me out of a whole lot of trouble because when I'm struggling and frustrated and worried, I realize uh-oh! I ran ahead of Grace and left her far behind, way down the long sidewalk. Alone.

And then I must retrace my steps until I again find her ... apologize, and then listen and proceed back down the sidewalk--close beside her this time--all the while noticing how much smoother this journey than the one before.

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