Saturday, September 01, 2012

Wimps Miss Out

Remember that disastrous attempt at wallpapering our back porch wall? Well, I just now finished papering this little corner of my room with the leftover wallpaper.

It was rough. I made twenty laughable mistakes. Created little patches here and there (thinking, of course, of Eliza Jane Wilder) and had to put up an actual used strip from that former project,one I'd saved for craft projects (let's just say dabs of glue were used).

But you know? I LOVE the way it looks, the feeling it bestows, and wish I'd done this much sooner. (As with all my photos, Real Life looks better.)

Two lessons today:

1.) Don't let perfection (the lack thereof) stop you from attempting any project. Nothing in this life is perfect so why aim for something non-existent?

2.) Never allow fear to keep you from anything. Go out and meet those neighbors, try that coupon deal (small print be darned), drive that car around town (if you're legally able), stop at that yard sale alone, ask for help (without feeling embarrassed), invite those new friends to dinner, try a new hairstyle or leggings or that dress style you've never worn, attend that high school reunion and have a blast, plant that new flower you've never grown before, express your thanks to anyone who blesses you, even someone 'famous' and wallpaper or paint a wall, even if you've never done it before (and no worrying that you'll screw up your house's market value).

Live a brave life. If you don't want to join Facebook, then don't. But if fear is keeping you from joining, recognize that (and ask yourself how many other things have you skipped joining because negative things might happen).Do what you've always wanted to do, even a portion of it, before it becomes too late.

Fear ruins everything. When we obey fear, we've believed lies and let them control us.

We get only one life upon this planet and I hope you are being led by God, the inventor of amazing lives, rather than obeying Fear which talks us out of everything beneficial to our growth as people.

A God-led life is a remarkable, unforgettable one and that's the kind of life I want. 

How about you?


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Mary said...

Love your nook, Debra! Done is better than perfect is my mantra around here. You are SO right about fear.

Deborah Raney said...

Looks so cozy and unique, Debra!

I just threw caution to the wind yesterday and took off two more cupboard doors in our kitchen. I love the open shelving look and I'm fully poised for any strange looks I get. My excuse: I like it. : )