Monday, September 17, 2012

Now. The Amazing Days.

So this morning on Facebook I saw this old photo of an A&W restaurant (remember those? I was a janitor at one.) with the caption, 'Back in the Amazing Days.' 

Of course, lots of people commented about missing the Amazing Days, saying they were long ago, but no more.

Ah, but these are the amazing days, too! We are still alive, still here. And Life is still good if we make it so and if we have God, of course. Any day with God is amazing.

There are still restaurants with car hops, you know. Sonic Drive-ins are just one example (check-out their website. It's cool.), but there are others. Yet some silly people insist such places do not exist. Others say, "They exist, but it's not the same as long ago."

Of course, it's not the same. Nothing is. Everything changes, yet that doesn't mean it's less, unless we make it so.


Way back in those so-called Amazing Days, around 1979, I saw a friend of my sister's at the supermarket. She told me her mother lived across the street from Tom and me, a couple houses down, and she was blessed when she'd see me kiss Tom good-bye at the front door in the mornings before he'd leave for work. She found our newly-married-ness, sweet.

I was touched that we'd blessed one of our neighbors without even knowing, someone who watched us just living Life. Of course, it felt a tad strange to know we were being watched, but hey! We are, you know. All of us are being watched.

And I thought of my sister's friend's story this morning as I got up while it was still dark and switched on my 1940's & 50's radio station and our sweet little fireplace and made Tom's breakfast and his lunch, then later walked out to the car with him, carrying bags of uniforms and his lunch sack, then gave him a kiss good-bye before he drove away.

I'm sure Tom and I have neighbors now, all these thousands of miles and whole decades later, who watch us, the old married folks now, and are blessed how we begin our days. May we always be good examples to these neighbors, not bad, so that we can help, if just a little, others experience their own Amazing Days, even now, even in 2012.


 I so needed a real desk up here, for the tiny bistro table just was not working. Besides being too small, Sammy The Cat took it over and kept knocking all my books and papers off onto the floor with loud "booms!"

So on Sunday I created a desk and well, although it looks like something a teenager would make, I love it. Absolutely love it. Here it is:

And there's tons of storage beneath, for I used two sets of 'wire shelves' which we bought at a yard sale. Of course, yesterday Sammy The Cat and I fought over this desk all day long until I made a bed for him down on one of the shelves.

He's still trying to take over the top of my new desk. 

Stay-tuned to see who wins this one.


"These are the Good Old Days..."


Oh! And my newly-won Scholastic ebay books arrived on Saturday, so quickly, it made my head spin. 

I read Fog Magic yesterday and had forgotten how well-written it was. Not your typical kids' book, quite detailed, thought-provoking, haunting.



Anonymous said...

For a teen today is the best years,.. the amazing years to us the same year is new and we think the amazing years are behind us. It is perspective. Yes I do think times and people have hardened and changed in ways I do not want but my own parents also relented the loss of the way people were back in Their days...the early 1900s. Those people even further back thought of their old days and amazing days and wished for them back and so on!! :) I am saddened by many of the changes around us but also glad to be here. Keep your mind of the good things as the Bible asks us to do and you will be amazed at the amazing years you will have!!! Your gratitude journals will be full to over flowing!! Your attitude will be reflected to others and brighten their amazing years and so on and so on. I find when I am needing a pick up of my spirits I can go to a sweet book story and see the goodness of the people in it and know that certainly for sure there are people like that around me too. Just look up and smile and look around...they are there. First you have to take your chin off the floor and look up to see them! :-) You are not the only one out there who needs a pick up. Join forces!
Like the cozy desk area too. Even better with a cat to share it with. Your suite is now has a bedroom, library/sitting and desk area ! I smile just thinking of such a place for one's own. Enjoy all the great books while up there! Sarah

Bonnie said...

A&W Root Beer! We had one of those when we were honeymooners living in Florida for six months in 1983. (My husbands naval career took us there.) We were broke...and very happy.

The good old's easy to be pessimistic once you reach our age and have seen a little too much, but knowing that our children are just starting their adult lives makes me optimistic. I think because I know they have hope in *their* hearts. How else can you live, really?

Love your new desk. : )