Thursday, September 27, 2012


Yellow, yellow everywhere.

The concrete guy asked, "Now, why do you want a sidewalk beside the garage?" And I told him, "Well, to make it appear like a little patio."

He chuckled. "That's gonna be one tiny patio."

But I don't care for, oh, this morning when the sun shone all autumn-dappled on the new patio and those chairs over there, well, I thought my heart would burst with happiness. And gratitude.

If the sun shines tomorrow morning I'll take another picture and show you.

But anyway, we now have tons of yellow all over the place and I am in love. Love, love, love.

We should have gone yellow mad sooner.


Not a great 'before photo' (oh, that dreadful driveway!), but here you go:

And the 'after':


Anonymous said...

It all looks very nice indeed!! Enjoy!!
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Beautiful !! That sunny color really makes the your city charmer look great. I bet the neighbors all think so too. I know when anyone around our house does anything it brightens our day along with theirs. My Grandparent's retirement bungalow was printed just like that and he put marigolds out in the summer and pansies in the winter by the driveway. Strawflowers and sweet peas too every year too around the yard. He dried and sold the straw flowers every year. I always think of that home as the sweetest place on earth. Sarah

K.E. said...

Looks great Debra!

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

Love it! But then you know I love yellow!

Dolores said...

So pretty Debra.

Judy said...

I love yellow. There are sooo many shades of it, but the one you have going on there is my very favorite!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Very nice!

Thickethouse.wordpress said...

It's great, Debra! And will be wonderful in the winter to see a warm color on cold days...