Friday, September 21, 2012

Stuff. Just Stuff.

Spiffy old house, huh? This stood across the street from an estate sale we drove to today and also this house:

Except for the roof, well, I love everything about this place. Don't miss the old gazebo on the right.

My favorite find today? These whimsical plates for only .25 cents each:

Are they perfect for a tea party or what?


Our garage is getting painted now, first--Tom's idea so we can get the concrete guys here sooner. 

Ack! The patience test. Not my favorite one, but necessary since we all must wait for so many things in this Life.

Might as well wait happily. I know.


Does anyone else love it when Simon Baker (from The Mentalist) drinks his tea from that turquoise Feistaware cup and saucer? My oh my... I am so tempted to buy a turquoise teacup and saucer set on Ebay even though I have other sets in different colors. Maybe, instead, I'll add a turquoise set to my Christmas list. :)  (Isn't it odd the way we love certain things and hate others? Guess it's just part of what makes us, well, us.)



"But let patience have her perfect work, that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing."  ... James 1:4



Anonymous said...

Is his cup the older turquoise or the newer brighter Peacock color? I love them both. Probably peacock. We use our Fiesta too. I see you do too. In the winter I love the jumbo cups for my cocoa! Wow,.. to have a home like you have shown! Sun porch too. I would dream of a long or wrap around porch. When you are only dreaming why not go all the way!! ..But look at all the grass to mow!!!! !! May be not!! :) Sarah

Debra said...

Hi Sarah! Well, the official wiki page about Fiestaware said this: "In the TV show The Mentalist on CBS, Patrick Jane uses a Turquoise Fiesta teacup/saucer."

Whatever it is, it's gorgeous. :)

I use my Fiesta yellow coffee cups each day for my hot chocolate. They just feel so right and comforting, actually.

And yes! It's peoples' lawns which now keep me from wanting houses other than my own. That, and having more rooms than I really need, rooms which would need to be decorated lest they become just storage rooms. So now I can just look and appreciate without craving. :) Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the apt tour...thanks.
Often see such on AptTherapy too.
Elizabeth in NC