Monday, September 10, 2012

Sunlight, Treasures and Coupon Deals

Oh wow. We're having days with perfect temperatures so we keep the windows open and the slant of the sun places a vintage light upon all these old houses and it's 1940 again. Well, close enough.

See this old table? Naomi and I found it at a yard sale for just $1. I'd been needing something to hold my purse or small packages while I unlock the backdoor. Perfect find.

Some extremely horrendous, sad things have happened in our community this past month, but I'm going to choose to rely upon this peace which Jesus left with us. More than ever in Today's world, no matter where any of us live, we so need that peace. 

I hope you've found it, too.


Need some more coupon inspiration? Well, here's some anyway. :)

The organic lettuce was .85 cents each.
The Philadelphia Indulgence Spreads were .50 cents each.
The Green Giant Seasoned Steamers was .94 cents (not even on sale, so I could have done better).
The Meullers Pasta were both free, in fact, I got paid .20 cents for buying them.
The 3 Old El Paso refried beans were .72 cents each (not on sale, either).
The Smart Balance peanut butter was $1.50.
I got paid .20 cents for buying 2 of the yogurts, the rest cost .20 cents each.
The bottle of Tabasco (Tom's favorite flavor) was free.

Plus, for spending $50, I was able to get the special 100 points (ten cents off a gallon of gas) coupon for when we start earning gas points again next week.

Gotta love those sales and coupons!


Oh wow! I'm reading a yard-sale-find book, A Year Down Yonder, and am positively loving it. I think many of you would find it enchanting, too, and I'm thinking more adults, actually, would appreciate it than kids. Read about it here. Most likely your town library will have it.


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Terra said...

Hey, lady, you found some great food bargains and are inspiring me to do the same. His Peace I send to you too.