Saturday, September 29, 2012

Expecting The Best On Weekends. And Always.

So, well, yard sales in our area haven't been as terrific as the countryside ones, but you know? Tom and I still go out on weekends expecting that God will have scattered things we needed here and there for us.

And wow. Today ol' Debra hit the Mother Lode.

Some of my best deals:

The lamp, above. $3

This awesome (heavy!) door-knocker. $3. I'll probably paint it green before hanging it on the new red door.

This cool old bookcase. $10. (I was able to get rid of two smaller ones. How fun to 'play books' again today.)

This tiny iron patio table. $1. I spray-painted it yellow.

This cute figurine candle holder. .50 cents.

This wreath. $3. I'll spray-paint it (perhaps white yellow) then hang it on our new red door. (Included was a metal clock with autumn-type leaves which fit in the center.)

These cool blank cards. $1.50. I framed two of the fairy cards--they're beautiful.

The sweet little birdhouse. $1.

Happy sigh.

What good things are you expecting this weekend?


(The goose was a .50 cent yard sale find from last weekend.)  :)


So often I hear people moan, "There are no good deals anymore. Everything is just too expensive." That is why I include the prices that I pay--to give you hope.



Terra said...

I like that you include the prices, and wow, did you score some great deals. I love the plant stand that you painted yellow, the note cards, super lamp, etc. You did good, girl.

Anonymous said...

Oh !, I do like the color of yellow you have even more now.. :) This weekends expectations? Relaxation is good for me! Our bargains we found earlier this week. Books, canning supplies,clothes pin bag, flower pots. Last week other goodies. Since we so seldom shop in 'regular actual stores' when we do we get Real sticker shock!! We are again amazed and thankful for the many true bargains we find at used stores and such. This week I was even given 3 kinds of flowers when a family cleared out and separated their bulbs. Tons of them! So I can share with others too.

Your home is really cozy and getting even more so. I am even excited reading about all of it! Isn't it so amazing that the book case you found fits your bedroom library wall space perfectly! Guess 'Someone' knew the measurements you needed!! :) Enjoy the rest of your weekend Debra. Sarah

Judy said...

Today has been such a gorgeous day. It's my husband's birthday-eve so we drove about an hour south to the monthly antiques flea market. Nothing really grabbed us, but it was fun to look, gather ideas, and just BE together.
I too believe that there are deals to be found!

terricheney said...

Lovely treasures. I love my Sunday catching-up time with you.

The yellow on the garage is gorgeous. There's an old house in town here they painted yellow and I thought it looked just like a young girl in a Sunday dress with it's white trim and dark green shutters. I think that house LIKED looking so pretty after all those years in faded blue.

Love the red front door in the flicker photo. Hope you do that to yours, it's a gorgeous combination.

Blessings to you for the week ahead.

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

I love yellow too! Even my dollhouse is yellow with white trim and green shutters. I did that probably close to 15 years ago. Maybe longer! Love yellow houses. And good finds. I don't shop retail hardly ever! We did go to Lowes Saturday and got new rugs for the door inside and out which look so nice! But usually it's sales or Goodwill for me too! Reuse, recycle, repurpose!