Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My New Favorite Color (And Other Trivia)

Oh! I have a new favorite color. (Although at 16 my bedroom in Auburn, CA was similarly painted, but a bit more apple-greenish, and I adored it.)

See, there's an enchanting house on the way to my supermarket (if I was more organized, I'd have taken a picture for you) which is just the shade of yellow I want for our house. They don't even have shutters, but instead, just a simple wooden chair beside their front door painted a similar green and you know? It's enough.

Inspiration. It's everywhere-- we just need to get our eyes off the bad and onto the good so we can find it.

And well, these folks don't need shutters on their pretty yellow house and now? Now I'm thinking we don't either, especially since we need other things around here more

It is wise to know when to say when.

So I took the inspiration they provided for free, bought a couple cans of green spray paint and painted not only the table, but the plant stand behind it and two other bistro chairs on our porch.

And it will be enough for us, too.


I'll be talking with the Paint Guy today. We're hoping to have the house painted the third or fourth week of September, right after we get the concrete garage floor and driveway finished.


Hooray! Even as I speak, Naomi is traveling up here from Tennessee to visit us for a week. (If you could say a little prayer for her safety, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.) We've not seen her since the first of March and of course, I'm cleaning the house, from upstairs down to the basement as I do before we have any overnight guests (a kinda good-bad-exhausting habit of mine).

And well, since Sunday marks our first anniversary of living in Hobbit Cottage--(and since the house will be clean-ish)--I'll be posting new, updated photos in our online album. Here's one to get you started, though I do hope to have the short front wall painted by Sunday. We shall see if that happens... :

The new color on the side wall, to me, looks much warmer than the iceberg white at the front. Some people can make white look incredible and welcoming. 

I am so not one of those people. :)



Anonymous said...

That color green is not one I would be attracted to, but I must say it looks very nice as you have it there on the porch!! Maybe that is the way with most can look lovely depending on where and how it is put!

Have fun with your daughter...that is a long time to not see her. As I well know. It can be 2 years between visits with my west coast daughter cause neither of us fly very much!! We have only seen her son twice...but hoping to go again in April when another child is due. Thankfully we have skype so her son at least knows us some that way too!! One of the reasons with retirement now we are maybe going to fulltime we can see all our kin at least once a year hopefully.
Elizabeth in NC

Anonymous said...

Shutters can always be added later when and if you want them down the road. One day you might want to spruce up the house again and shutters would change the look again then. We only have a tiny stoop by the front door and I am trying to figure out how to change it up a bit. My bedroom as a teen had a green and turquoise color scheme in it. Sarah

Anonymous said...

I had to shut down the computer quickly this morning and did not get to say I am so glad Naomi is on the way! Yes praying. I bet you cannot stop smiling... ;-) Sarah

Judy said...

Very pretty!
My new favorite color is brown, in all it's varied shades.

Bonnie said...

Wow, you've been in Hobbit Cottage for a year already? That went fast.

Enjoy Naomi....your mother-heart will be full. The most wonderful feeling.