Friday, March 13, 2009

Well, officially as of today, my God-mandated 'medical leave' is over.

"Darn," said my lazy side.

"Hooray!" said my normal, energetic side.

So it's back to work today and I'm glad. Mostly. Sitting around and healing felt super at first, but tiresome toward the end. I think that's the clue--you know healing has come when you feel antsy to 'get back out there'.

I've a feeling I'll be more grateful for my medical leave in the future. I still feel there is something Big (and not nice) on the horizon for our Country as I hinted at here. My head feels better prepared to face it now, though I've no clear idea what "it" is.

And I'm so not alone in these feelings. David Wilkerson is hinting, too, and suggests we all have one month's worth of groceries at home at all times (when people panic, the first thing they usually do is strip supermarket shelves bare. Remember that.). Cindy Jacobs and Hal Lindsay are also 'sounding the horn,' to name just two more. (There are many others.)

(You might want to read Wilkerson's Perfect Peace post first. You'll see what I mean.) 

I can do that. The one-month supply of essentials, that is (keeping in mind that others will need help at that time, too) and eeking out a savings account and doing what I can around the house to make it as comforting and prepared-for-adversity a place as it can be.

And frankly? I appreciate and am comforted by being given something to do to prepare for possible hard times ahead. It's a struggle to sit and do nothing--and being found unprepared is even harder. Staying close to God and remaining as prepared in all ways as He directs--that's about all I can do.

And it will all be enough as long as He directs my steps. As long as He comforts my heart in the midst of any hard times ahead.


Oh! I just now found this. Can it be that the government is finally "getting it" that they've spread too much fear lately?

"It is this transition from an excess of greed to an excess of fear that President Roosevelt had in mind when he famously observed that the only thing we had to fear was fear itself." .... Lawrence Summers



Tracy said...

It is so easy to get caught up in fear. I really struggle with this, but like you I am doing what I can to prepare for harder times ahead. I am glad you are feeling better and energized. :)

Queen of France said...

i've read recently that you should have at least two months worth of supplies and rotate them so that IF something indeed does happen, your supplies are fresh..not bad advice. And like you, i'd rather DO something than sit around and worry. You can work out the worry as you phsically little by little, i'm also preparing.

... Paige said...

Yes I agree something on the edge. And a minimum of 1 months supplies.
Let the hording begin and the prayers flow freely