Wednesday, March 25, 2009

For months I've known what color I want to paint our dining room and living room, but I keep walking out of hardware stores because I just couldn't find the right 'autumn gold'. 

Or the price of paint was scandalous. Or I needed more time to decide. Or more likely, I just wanted to decide alone without Tom standing nearby, waiting for me to make a decision. During our long winter I never did drive to a hardware store or Walmart alone--I hardly drove anywhere alone. Unfortunately, I shop best when all by my self.

So finally this morning--hooray!--I drove through the sunny countryside to Walmart. I just knew this would be The Day when I'd discover my autumn gold paint and in the Oops Paint Section as well (Why not believe big?). 

And guess what? Before I even knelt down, I spied that perfect little dot of paint on top of the can. The perfect shade of a dark autumn gold, darker than I need, which is a great thing because now I can stretch the paint and mix it with white, creating more than just one gallon. (Always, we've got white paint around the house, but then, doesn't everyone?)

And the paint was only $6.34 for the whole gallon. Love that. And no, it's not a less-toxic kind. I seem to vacillate, especially lately, between saving money and risking my health. Sometimes the penny-pincher wins, other times the tree-hugging, health nut does. 

Today it was the penny pincher. Alas.

Anyway, great fun, for as I said, I just knew my paint would be there waiting for me. And it was.  I whispered, "Thank-you," many times while I rolled my cart away.

It's exciting to walk in faith and expectation of good things, even for just a simple can of paint.



Tracy said...

What a blessing to find the perfect golden color you wanted!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I am that way also. I love to shop alone and take as long as I want,I call it my therapy.

Saija said...

*smiling* ... i know exactly what you mean ... in all things, God loves to give His children good things ... the desires of their heart ...

blessings on ya!