Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First-- I loved your comments yesterday. So insightful, fun and appreciated. Thank-you!

Second, I'm still trying to get my head around the fact that I'm now 50. Wow! I'm needing to toss away some life-long-held misconceptions, untruths about how I should be feeling (old) as opposed to how I actually do feel (still young and chipper and nearer to 25).

And to that end, here are a few things I'm thinking this morning:

By 50, I should know by now which kinds of clothes look best on me--and which ones make me look like Godzilla--

--and which types of people are good for me to hang-out with--and which types poison and shrivel my soul...

--I should know what kind of decor I love--and what feels too cluttered or unnerving...

--and how to take care of myself as though I planned to live another fifty years.

By 50 I should know when to take breaks--and when to keep going.

--I should be comfortable inside this skin--and not wish for someone else's.

--I should know what I can accomplish alone--and which things I need help in accomplishing (and not be afraid to admit I need help).

By 50 I should have learned a ton from past mistakes (all that time to make them!).

--and I should have learned it's not all about me, but instead, it's all about the God who made us all.

And ------  

So many lessons, so little time (relatively) upon this Earth to learn them!


Thanks again for your good wishes yesterday! 

I had a lovely, sunny day--drove to the next tiny town and did a little grocery shopping, then visited my friend's antique co-op where I only bought a couple old issues of ME's Home Companion. 

Then I drove to our town's old-fashioned malt shoppe for lunch and read my magazines, came home and soaked in the sun with Lennon The Cat on our porch, then awoke Tom (who worked last night). 

Told Bob The Milkman it was my birthday, read a ton of good wishes from you and friends on Facebook, chatted with my mom on the phone, then Naomi came over and gave me sweet gifts and the three of us talked and laughed around the table until 8:30. My very favorite sort of day, indeed!



Saija said...

i'm so sorry i missed your b.day ...

welcome to the over 50 club!!!! it hasn't been so bad - i kinda like it ... i have 5 years of experience in it ... :o) ... and i still feel like a spring chicken - well sort of!!!

blessings on YOU and the next 50 ... *grin*

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Sounds quite perfect, a Birthday. I like to think, that one should only do, what one wants to do, on one's Birthday. And yours 'fit the bill.' :-)

But as to having learned all those things, by the time one turns 50... Mmmmmmmm, some of us take a lot longer than 50. ,-) But that's cool. Gotta' keep 'growing,' in the next 50 too!

Happy St.Patrick's Day! _Everyone_ is a bit Irish, today.

Aunt Amelia
"This is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever."
~~Sigmund Freud (speaking about the Irish) >,-)

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday Debra !
It sounded like a perfect day to me.

Lora said...

Hppy belated birthday Debra! Welcome to the other side of the hill :-)

This June I will turn 52. Yikes!

btw...Mike said Tom e-mailed him and mentioned that thier wives were blog buddies. Small world, eh?

Myrna said...

Happy Birthday a day late! ;-/
Sorry 'bout that! Glad to hear it was enjoyable! I must say, in your post, you certainly were 'shoulding' all over yourself!! ;-D

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)