Monday, March 23, 2009

I've told you before that I enjoy the show, Clean House. You've gotta love any show which helps people go from clutter and depression to organization and light.

But what do I love most? It's the episodes where the design team (Mark, Trish and Matt) discovers that far more money for the re-do was made at the yard sale than they needed. 

Why? Because after the homeowners leave for the motel, the design team dances around with joy and hugs one another with glee. More money with which to decorate! More potential for surprises for the homeowners! Perhaps a flat screen tv? Or maybe an extra desk or comfy chair? Oh, the possibilities.

So why do I love that? Because the design team is thrilled for other people. They, themselves, will keep no extra prizes. Not one cent of the additional design money is theirs. No, they are just thrilled the family will reap extra special gifts.

And that is what I call pure happiness. 

A light-hearted, dancing sort of joy because other folks will receive delight. An unselfish giddiness for other folks.

Kind of like when I watch The Price Is Right and skyrocket--whoosh!-- off the couch and clap my hands when someone wins a car. :)

(Oh, I do hope no one reading this will go all "holy" on me and start preaching about things and stuff not being fulfilling. Please don't be a humbug like that, ok?)

What I'm getting at is this--

That type of happiness for others is much like what 1 Corinthians 13 teaches. How love does not envy, is not self-seeking. And how wonderful if each of us were always thrilled for our friends/relatives/others when they receive something we craved for so long. 

You know--like that. I'm thinking that must please God and make His heart feel fuller.

And that's all I'm saying.



Tracy said...

I watch Clean House sometimes. And I was just reading 1 Cor. 13 last night! :)

Elizabeth said...

Yes, I am sure it does make God smile when we are unselfish and happy for others.

Queen of France said...

i've just started my Spring Cleaning. Threw out a bunch of stuff and also took a huge bag of goodies to Good Will.

i can't wait to get rid of stuff this Spring - i'm going to be ruthless and stuff i don't want or need, while cherishing the handmedowns and heirlooms and enjoying the stuff i enjoy.

i am so.very.glad.Spring is here.

Patty H. said...

We recently switched "satelites" so I get to wathc this now!! I know what you mean.
You know it also shows the possibilities of what a person could have if they let go of the 'stuff' in their lives that is taking up all that space. Just think what God could do with our 'decor' if we let go of some things. and yes, it does cost us sometime to let things go. But the rewards are well worth it.