Thursday, March 05, 2009

Jammie J. noticed that I changed my blog header. I had to. I mean, all day long I see that lake and those bare trees outside our windows so why stare at it here, too? I so needed to see green, green, green and leaves like colored confetti. I needed to see a promise that , yes, someday Winter will vanish and Spring will return.

Sometimes--or perhaps all the time--I must make the changes I want in my life. I must do something rather than wait for some mystery man (or woman) to ride up to my door (if not on a horse, then inside a car) with a bunch of creative ideas, solutions or a wallet full of money.

If I am in a rut or a mess, usually it's of my own making. And therefore, I must dig myself out. Led by God, of course, for only He knows the best way to do all that.

It's too simple to push blame onto everybody or everything else (the weather, the economy, the absence of decent shows on tv) for my own lack. The older I become, the more responsibility is mine for my days and their outcomes. And that fact can either crush me or free me to fly and create, even when my circumstances would dictate otherwise.

But what matters is that I grow-up, that I stop waiting for some all-wise prince-type person to appear and show me what to do next when I'm bored and uninspired (and sick of snow). God is always here for that sort of thing and oh my, how everything changes when I obey and rely upon Him all these thousands of hours I am breathing.



Elizabeth said...

Thanks Debra,
You always inspire me!I have not written anything on my post lately because I have been in a rut,(depression)and wanted to keep my post positive.
You are right I am the one,with God's help, that has to pull myself up and out of this.Thanks for reminding me.

Donetta said...

Tell me about your tree...
Is it a peach tree?

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Dear One.

Aunt Amelia
"If not now, when?"
~~Rabbi Hillel

Jammie J. said...

Ohhh, I love coupon deals! And I always check the discount rack in the back of the grocery store -- mostly my grocery store has marked down baked goods, which heaven knows I don't need, but once in awhile, they'll have something I've needed but have put off buying because it's too much $$! :)

I agree with you, ruts our own making. For me, once I get past the Fear of Change, things seem to fall in place and I wonder why I've not done the Change before. And sometimes the Change isn't about something in my life, it's about something in my head (i.e., perspective).

Hugs to you today... :)