Thursday, May 29, 2008

I found this article interesting.

According to what I read, it appears Tom and I are turning into survivalists.Who knew?

So much of the article spoke of my thoughts lately. Though not the part where (you'll be glad to hear) people are stocking up on guns. Uh,no. That is so not us.

But since many Bible scholars who've studied Last Days prophecy for their whole lives say that the United States isn't even mentioned as a major player in the End Times, well.... you never know. (Though yes, I do know that's a bit controversial, not to mention scary...). Yet I also often recall that Bible example about the ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom, but only the five who were ready and prepared actually got to meet him.

It's easy to say 'God will provide, no matter what.' And well, yessss.... in a way. But He's also big about wisdom. And giving us warnings in order to help us be prepared for whatever may come our way.

And I guess I just like the thought of being prepared for anything. Just in case. I like the idea of having a full, organized pantry. And an alternate source of heat, electricity and water. I love the idea of having a huge garden, chickens for eggs, a wood pile and extra rooms and provisions for those folks unable to prepare ahead. Of staying far away from debt and "owing no man anything except to love..."

Just in case. Just in case. Just in case. And not out of fear (which brings torment), but with a quiet, steady confidence born of wisdom and obedience.

Anyway, if you read the article and can identify with parts of it, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


A couple weeks ago (a month ago?) on Good Morning America (I think) they interviewed an author who'd just published a book in which he detailed the many ways that the U.S. is slowly losing its standing as a world super power. He said if the government doesn't become willing to change its antiquated way of handling money, well, we are doomed. We will become just a mention in history.

I watched him, someone totally secular and having nothing to do with Biblical studies, and practically heard Twilight Zone music inside my brain.


janice said...

I believe America isn't mentioned is because we are, by and large, a Christian nation. Depending on ones veiw of escatology, most Americans will be caught up in the rapture.

Just my opinion.

nancyr said...

I think that being more self sufficient is a good thing, however the people described in the article are definitely alarmist, and "over the top".
I remember that when I was in college in the mid seventies, hearing the same things. "Mother Earth News" was a very popular magazine!
My parents moved from a suburb, and full time jobs, and moved to the Hill Country of Texas, in the seventies, and put in a peach orchard of some 200 trees. They had two growing seasons, and planted two gardens, had chickens and a couple steers. They did it not out of fear, but a genuine desire to live on their very modest Social Security income after my dad's heart attack in his fifties.
They loved the life, but it did tie them down. They sold thousands of dollars worth the peaches from their carport, in the years that the crop didn't freeze. It was a good life for them, an they loved it.
We have a few acres in a western state, and have fruit trees, (not many crops survive the frost) and always have a large garden. No chickens, (or livestock) but normally eggs don't cost as much as feed. We have two wood stoves, and try to be good stewards of our money. It is a good way to live.

Pam & Ron said...
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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I guess some of that makes me a survivalist, too! Without the guns and all.

The more I read or watch the news, the more it seems things are far from right in the world.

It's interesting that this person in the article remembered the 70s. So many people I know who went through the 70s are those who are stocking up on basics because they remember just how much food prices went up. Now I wish I'd kept some of my magazine articles from that era.

jar said...

I believe that though these may be the worst of times that some of us have faced I have trouble thinking that this is the worst time that the world as a whole has faced. That seems rather egocentric to me.

End of the world? - of course it's closer. Common sense dictates that. Is it coming now? Thats for God to decide. Having grown up in a home where future plans were discouraged because "the end of the world is coming" I can truthfully say that such thinking is poison. It can keep people from doing what God meant them to do in the first place.

I believe that God uses events to gently (well, maybe not always gently) to remind us that we need to keep the right priorities. That we do need to be a self sufficient to a certain point while not closing ourselves off to others. It's a fine line.

Hummingbird Chats said...

Yes, I think we need to be ready. I also think that we may need the guns as well. It is okay when a few friends and neighbors come and then you add the numbers in your family, could you feed twenty or more poeple everyday on what you have in your cabinets right now,, Think about it!! There is always a future but it is what you make of it. Katie

Saija said...

interesting post ... interesting comments ... and this is certainly the topic for the time ... especially if anyone has done even a little bit of bible reading re end time prophecy ...

even on shows like Glen Beck's (CNN/Headline news), he has so many Christian guests on, who are ringing the warning bell - for all to hear ... just like Noah (i love that Jesus used Noah as the example - life went on normally, until God himself closed the door of the Ark) ... he kept telling everyone to get ready - but most didn't listen, just made fun of the whole topic ...

as for why we aren't mentioned in the prophecy (and i lump canada with the U.S. in this one) ... i sort of think that our nations might be destroyed (which means Christians are either raptured or just gone to be with the Lord through death) ... nuclear? ... i mean the threat of crazy people have these kinds of weapons is a reality - and hatred towards us is very real too ...

am i afraid? no ... i know The One who is the Alpha and Omega ...

each day when i awake, i say "this is the day that the Lord has made, i will rejoice and be glad in it!" ... amen ...

and on that type of note - i am so happy for you and Tom, how things are going re the land and farm house ... i know you will enjoy it and God will bless you in it!!!!

Anonymous said...

We are told to WATCH...and Revelations tells us when HE comes it what you wish, but it says in Rev.10:7: "But in the days of the voice of the seventh Angel, when he shall begin to blow the trumpet, even the mystery of GOD shall be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the Prophets." Several years ago, we ended up due to job needs, living very remote...and for the next 40 months we studied Scripture like never before, setting aside anything we had been taught...trying to understand what was written. It was a life changing event which I highly recommend. Those who desire wisdom to please GOD will find it! He answers that prayer. Luke 18:8 has a scary question: "...but when the Son of man cometh, shall HE find faith on the earth."

Titus2Grandma said...

A couple of generations ago, it was just considered the prudent thing for a family to have some reserves to fall back upon. To live any other way was considered "spendthrift" and foolish.(I was born in 1935)
I have done an informal survey of the women I know and have asked the question , "If starting today, you had only the food that you have already stored in your house and were unable to purchase more, how long could you feed your family ?" The average answer was 3 days and one woman told me that she goes to the supermarket every day to shop. (she lives near one). She said that she decides what she is in the mood to cook and then in the afternoon, buys the food for that night's dinner.
Most women that I have spoken to are totally unaware that agency's such as Fema have guidelines for what they are suggesting each family have stored for emergencies. These guidelines only allow for about two weeks of food and water, but that is still far more than the average family seems to have.

Even if a family doesn't have a lot of spare money, it is possible to cut the food budget a bit and each week use the saved money to start purchasing food, water and emergency supplies. At the end of one year they will have at least 52 items that they didn't have before. It's not just food and water that should be in reserve but an emergency radio, medical supplies, flashlights, oil lamps, leather work gloves etc. etc. You can just go to Google and type in Emergency Preparedness and get loads of sites with suggested lists.

We are on a tight budget but I am slowly accumulating things that we might need. I believe that it is just the sensible thing for any family to do.


Mary L.