Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wow. Remember that Ben Stein piece I linked to earlier? Good grief. I read just a few of the 15 pages (or so) of the ensuing comments and got a horrible glimpse at the state of our Nation's people's minds.

What a bleak, determined-to-be-negative state, indeed!

But will I let those depressing, bitter comments latch onto my brain like some science fiction slug-like-creature and bring me down to their miry level? No way. Instead, I will continue to fling and scatter good seeds everywhere I go.

I will keep this blog a positive, un-fear-based place to visit.
I'll smile at people wherever I shop.
I'll send silly comments and gifts to friends at Facebook.
I'll encourage people to give out of hope rather than horde out of fear.
I'll bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, endure all things the way Love is supposed to.
I'll do whatever I can to encourage the heavy-hearted friends crawling along my path. I'll remind them that God takes care of people who obey Him--somehow.
And I'll continue to believe that--by reminding people that God can make a way where there is no way--perhaps some extreme negativity will be crushed on our planet.

Anybody can say what everybody else is saying. Anybody can be negative. 

But nowadays, especially, it takes guts and faith and determination to keep Negative-Minded-Body-Snatcher-Types from taking over our minds. If they've not already come to your house to snatch you, I hope you will be ready to fight when they arrive!


How fun! I just now discovered there's a Happy News Website



Tracy said...

A wonderful post, Debra!

Queen of France said...

Never focus on the negative...but don't bury your head in the sand either....is some good advice i received from a loved one.

Sometimes, too, being proactive helps one not focus on negatives but how one is trying to make a difference.

Prayer helps a great deal too! And singing!

And a good temper tantrum about the state of the country (both now and in the near future) helps as well...though not nearly as mature, still...gets out the frustration and works out the toxins! LOL

Donetta said...

It is in giving that what we receive is true treasure.
Fear not, neither be confused . Trust in God and he will give thee the desires of your hear. But do not ask double minded like the sea tossed about.
got to get those dams unclogged so the needy can get needs met.
I will not need to tend to the "stuff" any more either.
Good trade.

Brian said...

Debra, I thought your piece from Ben Stein was right on the money. As for my family, that is how we will try to ride out the storm. Keep up the good work. Brian

... Paige said...

Clouds have a silver lining but on the other side of them is all white glowing fluffy goodness.
If my body gets snatched I hope it is by Skipper as seen in your post below...she is always young, smiling and skipping in fun