Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Not For Dogs Only

Tom and I discovered The Best of the Dog Whisperer through instant Netflix and wow! You don't even need to own a dog in order to be helped by Cesar Millan.

The guy's got a lot of wisdom.

I'm taking notes and am surprised at how often Cesar shares lessons I had to learn on my own (sometimes rocky) Road to Peacefulness.

Like what? Here are a few of my notes:

Live in the moment, the now. Calmness and peace are found only in the now, not when looking back to the past (especially the sad parts) or the future and all its unknowns.

You have to move-on in order to be mentally healthy, you have to let go before you can move forward.

Projecting a tense or frustrated energy will bring out that same energy in others. People respond to the type of energy we put forth, good or bad.

People need a purpose, a job in Life. They need to feel necessary and do what they were created to do. Sometimes they're bored and miserable only because they're missing this one vital thing.

You must picture what you want rather than picturing what's driving you crazy. Create what you want to see, not more of what you don't want.

You can't help someone you feel sorry for. You'll be afraid to hurt their feelings with the truth (and it's the truth that sets us free).

Address bad behavior, but don't focus or dwell on it. Instead, focus on what's going right and make strides to see more of what you want. 

You can't control a situation if you're out of control inside your own head. Begin anything from a calm state of mind, not a stressed-out, angry or worried one. Let calmness be your home base.

There's so much more to these shows and I highly recommend Cesar Millan's program to, of course, anyone with an unruly dog. But also? To anyone with unruly emotions that keep taking you to bad places you just don't want to go.

Cesar is one smart cookie and for me, it's a joy watching yet one more person following his purpose, doing exactly what God created him to do.


"Then he touched their eyes, and he said, “Just as you have believed, let it be done to you.”"   ... Matthew 9:29


Here's a free (as of today) kindle book some of you may enjoy: Love Me If You Must.


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Oh, man! I went to view my Kindle Cloud Reader and all my hundreds of books were gone

Ack! Ack! Call emergency services!! :)

But I firmly told myself to stay calm, that this was only a test and there must be a reasonable explanation. 

There was. Whew. 

I'd cleared my cache the other day and any time you sign out of your Kindle Cloud Reader (I discovered), all your books go away(!) So I found instructions online, signed-in with my amazon password, instead, and then all my marvelous, happy books reappeared.

Whewwwwww................... Now, that's enough to put a permanent grateful, happy spin upon my whole entire day!  

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Pearl said...

Hi Debra, yes indeed the Dog Whisperer has so much knowledge, and I love to watch his show. I will pass this one to my kids cause Miss Bella is there's to train. Now on to read your posts, hugs, Pearl