Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

Oh! Does that blow your mind, or what?

When I see ballistic blog or Facebook posts (or rants in Real Life) about whatever (crazy) latest governmental decision, it occurs to me that many Christians don't really believe what Mrs. Bush says here, that we too often, sadly, fall for the distraction, instead. 

(Thanks, Pat, for sharing that quote at Facebook!)


Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Rejoice and celebrate that God invented motherhood today, all days, too.

Tom and I celebrated yesterday by just being together which felt especially good after his work week in New Hampshire. We ate Chinese food and watched the Dog Whisperer and Fringe shows which I'd seen while he was gone --as usual, I'm blessed that we enjoy many of the same things.

And my sweet daughter sent us another box of healthy organic snacks, another perfect gift, arriving at the perfect time. She'll call later this afternoon so I'm anticipating that.

Happy sigh. God is extremely good.... all the time.


It's that kind of day here, too... Blowy, cold, with white clouds in blue skies.


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Pat said...

Happy Mother's day to you! Enjoy those healthy snacks from your precious daughter!
And yes...that quote spoke very loudly to me too!