Thursday, May 30, 2013

From The Front Page of Hobbit Cottage Times

The sweet little lilac bush which my neighbors gave me now blooms and scents our backyard. Don't you just love Springtime? For decades I was a larger fan of Autumn, but you know? I'm switching my allegiance. In Spring we have many weeks of lovely weather and outings and good times to anticipate, as opposed to just a few golden autumnal weeks then wham! A long, icy, cold winter to follow.

So now let it be known, my favorite season is Spring.


It's rare for me to have nightmares, but I had one early Monday morning. Just as it became especially scary, I awoke to the feeling of whiskers upon my cheek--Daniel The Cat had heard my frightened murmuring and came to rescue me. Sweet, sweet kitty... I felt grateful to him all day.


On Saturday, Tom and I saw Iron Man 3, in 3-D, even, and we both thought it delightful. Before it began,we saw an advertisement for the tv series, Longmire, and Tom nudged me, saying he would looove to watch that show (anything with an Old West feeling captures his heart).

So the next early morning I checked at Netflix and yay! I could barely keep from awaking Tom with the great news that the first season of Longmire was available through instant view. So guess what we watched all weekend? Yep, Longmire's entire first season over Sunday and Monday (hey, there were only 10 episodes. Don't have a cow).

I came away shocked that I enjoyed it.


Naomi's arriving for a visit in June! It will be wonderful to see her again. Her last visit was all the way back in September, but you know? The three of us have so enjoyed our lives these past months, we've spoken on the phone pretty much once a week, so the months have sailed past (except perhaps a few dark, slow winter hem ...) --and we've all been fine.


Oh, and yesterday I wrote-up the totals for my grocery and coupon savings so far this year:

I'm averaging saving $245 each month just by buying items on sale rather than full price.

I'm averaging saving $233 using coupons each month.

I'm spending $220 each month on groceries, not including cat food. :)

Some people believe just because they tried couponing for a couple weeks (or months) and failed, that it doesn't pay to use them. Actually? There's a bit of pride in that. You know, it sounds a little too, "If it didn't work for me (me, me, me!) it just couldn't work for anyone, period. It's a flawed system."  

Uh-oh! :)



Sara said...

I love lilacs, my favorite! We have one in the back corner of our yard that was about to become amazing before an overnight cold snap :( We watch Longmire too btw. Everything looks so sweet and I know just what you mean about the Autumn vs. the Spring. I love Autumn but what a good point that Spring just starts days of wonderful things to anticipate. Hugs to you :)

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Debra! Spring is my favorite time of year also. My lilac bush was huge this year and full of blossoms. I have bouquet in my kitchen right now to enjoy. I was on my deck the other day and the wind was blowing the scent of lilacs up from the backyard. It was heavenly!

I understand your excitement about seeing your daughter. My oldest son is coming in from Ohio on Sunday. I haven't seen him since Christmas. He is bringing his girlfriend for us to meet. :) My son, the Marine, just flew in this morning from CA and is at his in-laws house about an hour from here. He'll be here this weekend. My house will be full of family all next week to get ready for my 17 yr. old daughter's graduation. My kids love hanging out together. I'm sure there will be some late nights and lots of laughs. I am kind of dreading the grocery store trip though to feed all those people!

Have a great day!