Thursday, May 02, 2013

No Internet For a Year!?

Today I hope you will read someone else's writing:

I'm Still Here: Back Online After a Year Without The Internet

Oh. My. Goodness. How marvelous to read something which doesn't blame the Internet for ones own shortsightedness about it. This article affirmed what I've felt and have shared here in my blog at times... 

... namely, the Internet will always be to us what we bring to it. Anything in Life will be rich in meaning or empty, deep or shallow, giving or selfish according to how we, ourselves, treat it, view it, value it.

Anything in Life--yes, even the Internet-- can become an opportunity for greatness, friendship and love. What a remarkable Last Days tool for spreading God's love, kindness and passion!

So far I've not changed my mind about that... and I'm thinking I never will. I hope you'll read Paul Miller's excellent, insightful article. I'm still smiling after reading his conclusions.


Choices! It's all about our own choices, even how we choose to react to others' bad choices.


"What I do know is that I can't blame the internet, or any circumstance, for my problems. I have many of the same priorities I had before I left the internet: family, friends, work, learning. And I have no guarantee I'll stick with them when I get back on the internet — I probably won't, to be honest. But at least I'll know that it's not the internet's fault. I'll know who's responsible, and who can fix it."   ... Paul Miller


Oh! For a peek at Jenna Woginrich's soon-coming book, One Woman Farm, go here. Scroll down to read a few delightful pages. Fun!


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