Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A Blog and Free Magazines

So. Mary Jane's Farm, years ago, was the last magazine I subscribed to. I still reread my old issues, usually outdoors where they practically become breathing, living things (fellow Mary Jane lovers understand that).

Then becoming all I-don't-like-clutter (and, er, due to the fact Tom was out of work for 20 months), I stopped subscribing to any magazines.

Until this past month.

In my couponing adventures, I came across an offer for a year of House Beautiful for just $4.99 and, suddenly, that magazine sounded oh-so-good, like the necessary thing to return my love of decorating (got a bit burned-out at the ol' farm).

Then remember my free subscription to All You Magazine through Recyclebank? Well, this morning I earned another free magazine subscription. This one is for Country Living Magazine (clap, clap, clap!).

Recyclebank has a variety of magazines, so hey. If I can earn points for these, anybody can and so to all my fellow penny-pinchers, this post is for you. :)


A huge thanks to Julie No Longer In Texas! She recommended a blog last night, one which totally stole my heart. Many of you will love A Brit In Tennessee also-- I guarantee it. Gorgeous outdoor photography, wise sayings and -- well, check it out soon, ok?


Don't you just love Springtime?


Oh give thanks unto the Lord; for He is good: for His mercy endures for ever."   Psalm 136:1


There are still a ton of good things in this Life and at my age, I would rather meditate upon those.


Pat said...

I gave up magazines for a time too, then when I get a good offer like you've gotten I subscribe again! Country Home and House Beautiful are both good reading and contain much inspiration!
Enjoy your reading!!

Debra said...

Hi Pat! Yep, I'm looking forward to becoming inspired to decorate again--it's been awhile. heh. :) Oh, and as I read your comment I thought, "Hmm... Was it Country Home or Country Living I ordered? Turns out it was Country Living, so I came back here and made the correction. Thanks for commenting which helped set me straight! :) ... Debra

Julie nliT said...

Very happy that you enjoyed that blog, Debra! I think it is wonderful! Regarding magazines, one of my favorites, when I had subscriptions, was "Birds and Blooms". I also liked the fact that the magazine wasn't full of ads. If a mag is more than 20% pages of ads, I won't buy it.