Thursday, January 03, 2013

Loving My Resolutions (And Thumbing My Nose At The World)

So while everybody and his Aunt Freida is being all defeatist and ugly about new year resolutions, I'm having a blast with two of mine.

Since New Year's Eve I've crept around my house (literally, searching underneath things) and picked out ten items (or more) daily to discard and it's felt like such a game. You know, kinda like, "The winner will be the person who most quickly unearths ten things she no longer needs/loves/realizes why she even bought at all."

A delightful, simple-to-play game so far. Decorating magazines I couldn't care less about, books I didn't like, a decrepit old Barbie hidden beneath my desk, a duplicate dvd of Charlie Brown Christmas, an old poster. Stuff which felt more clutter-ish than like treasure, all sorted now in various basement bins ready for Salvation Army or out on the curb, currently awaiting the recycling guys.

No real stress involved (yet) from letting go, but it will become tougher when I get to things I still like but don't really neeeed.

One of my favorite New Year's resolutions, ever.

Another resolution that's going swimmingly? The one about saving even more money this year with grocery coupons. Downright enjoyable that one, also, and more of that 'game feeling' as I print out what feels like dollar bills from my computer.

I guess I understand peoples' feelings toward resolutions (kinda), but I find their lack of hope, sad. My resolutions invigorate me and infuse me with hope that my life will become better, richer, healthier-- one day, one change at a time.

But then, always I've marched to a drum beat no one else could hear. Some relatives of mine even love pointing out that fact, declaring they've never understood me and long ago gave-up trying. They've sliced me from their life and that's ok. We all must do what we must do to stay mentally healthy.

The main thing? God 'gets' me and the older I grow, that's all that really matters. Friendship with Him way, way more than makes up for any so-called losses down here.


My earlier New Year's resolutions post was here.

Oh, and you may want to check out my last post again, for I added some forgotten things this morning. (Guess I'd better up the memory-enhancing vitamins, huh?)


"Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ."   ... Galations 1:10


Oh, and I am really, really in the  mood to find some nice (morally decent) humorous books to read this year, especially books about growing up in funny families or raising funny families or -- Anyone have any suggestions? I already know of Betty MacDonald (what I'm *most* looking for are books like Anybody Can Do Anything and The Plague and I. Good luck to me, right?) and Erma Bombeck and Shirley Jackson and Kim recommended Gerald Durrell (and I ordered one of his), but I'd like to branch out a bit. Thanks!



Elizabeth said...

I love your positive attitude Debra!

Rodney Olsen said...

I think a lot of people don't like resolutions because they don't understand that when they don't go as planned that's a setback rather than a reason to give up.

When we attempt to change our behaviour there will always be setbacks. The key is to review our goals and start moving forward again.

I hope you have a wonderful 2013.

Rosemary said...

You asked for book recommendations. I haven't read these but they may be of interest -- all are nonfiction: Little Heathens by Mildred Armstrong Kalish and two by Janet Gillespie (A Joyful Noise and With a Merry Heart).

Anonymous said...

Well, the thing about kin is we don't choose them...other than the one we marry perhaps...the rest, tis GOD's I guess we should not be surprized that the fit is not always the greatest. I don't fit most of ours either (get less and less cards and letters this time of year, each year it seems...but in the long run?? Twill save money on postage, etc...ha)...but as we age, and realize more how much we belong mostly to GOD helps, doesn't it? I am not one that feels those close to me must think exactly as I do...but a great many folks seem to think it is necessary. Hubby and I often discuss how nice it would be to find others with whom we could discuss anything at all, and no one get upset...still hoping and watching on that one, for the most part.
Elizabeth in VA now

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the book Little Heathens. Great story and also lots of good information throughout the stories. I did want to ask if you had ever read the book The Introvert Advantage? By Marti Olsen Laney, Psy.D. I picked it up at Goodwill last night and find it terribly interesting. And Yes I am an introvert. If I had any doubts what so ever the book confirmed it. :) On the cover it says Making the most of your hidden strengths and also How to thrive in an extrovert world. Perhaps your library has a copy?
I think resolutions only come back to haunt you. We set too high a goal and then when we don't get them all done perfectly we attack ourselves for it. Who ever needs this?? Better to just do your best every day. Especially to others. Setting little goals for other things that can be accomplished..even if it takes small steps at a time works better for me. I set large goals but break them up into small bits and get to working on them as I have time and can. Actually I am tired and not thinking too straight so hope you get the idea I am trying to convey!! :-) Be back tomorrow!! ZZZZ.... Sarah ... :)