Thursday, January 10, 2013

This. That. And An Amazing Cat.

Another miracle happened at Hobbit Cottage. They seem to breed happily here, like rabbits bounding in all the corners.

That French music radio station I listened to out on the farm? The one which reminds me of rolling pie crust before our previous kitchen's tall window while pausing to gaze out over sunny, barren fields and trees (pretending this was Southern France) on quiet afternoons? The station which sounded only like scratchy, musical static when we moved to this new house?

That station comes in clearly now. Yes, over my 1930's replica radio, the same lovely French 1960's-retro-folk-music-mainly-but-so-much-more tunes now waft through my kitchen and all of our downstairs. Like a gorgeous soundtrack of my life, inspiring me, nudging me to complete my chores. With much Grace.

It's true. When one door closes (the loss of my favorite vintage music station), another door opens. And in this case, that door opened to something I'd forgotten was breath-taking in its beauty.


Over the next three days, we are due for temperatures of 50 degrees and over. Wow. I remember earlier Buffalo January's when we became ecstatic because we finally had a high of 7 degrees instead of just 2.

Weather miracles. I'll take those, also. 

And may I never miss or under-appreciate any type of miracle.


Oh my goodness! Did you watch that story about the little cat who walked 190 miles back home? Tom and I still can't fathom such a thing. God must have installed the first GPS systems inside of dogs and cats and I just can't wrap my head around how they find their way home like that!



Lori Alexander said...

Dennis Prager, my favorite radio personality, thinks global warming would be a great thing since human beings do much better in warmer weather than cold! Cats do have an amazing ability to find their homes from far away...I love my kitties.

Sara said...

Don't you find that radios are an underappreciated luxury? So much better than a television to trap us with what is mostly foolishness anyway. Lovely music and talk can keep us company while we go about productive days. Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Animals are indeed amazing creatures. One of my family dogs went missing (blind to boot) for 6 months. One day the vet's wife saw her beside the road not too far from home, picked her up and brought her home and she stayed there until her death some years later. WHAT did she do all those months for food, blind no less?? We have no answer. She was awfully thin when found, but recovered soon.
Elizabeth in VA

Julie no Longer in Texas said...

Oh, so good to know the Fabulous French station comes in loud & clear! To be content in life is a basic and wonderful feeling, and it is good to see that your contentment has been fortified. :)