Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Boosting The Ol' Immune System

So I've not had a cold in over two years (knocking on wood here) and have never felt better--overall--most days.

And not that anybody has to do anything I say, I'll just share what I do to boost my aging ol' immune system. Whatever it is, it seems to be working.

1. My good genes help, but are not absolutely necessary.

2. I take at least 2,000 units of vitamin C daily (in divided doses. More if my ears even hint that they're toying with the idea of becoming infected). 

3. I take at least 2,000 units of vitamin D3 daily, sometimes more during the winter. This one vitamin has helped our grey, snowy winters not feel so eternally dark and awful to me and I believe it's a major help in staying healthy.

(Kim reminded me that I've taken Vitamin B daily for years--they're what I call my happy pills.)  :)

4. At our supermarket I always use the wipes provided for the handle of my shopping cart. Always. And I wash my hands when I get home and often throughout the day, every day.

5. I would say that I eat fruits and vegetables all day long, but that would make me a big, fat liar. I'm aiming at adding more of these. Ditto about exercise.

6. I stay as low-stress as I can. Two daily krill oil soft gels help much. I try not to expect more from myself than even God is expecting from me.

7. I ask God to help me forgive people. I discipline myself to recognize immediately when I'm walking around with unforgiving thoughts and instead, switch over to pleasant ones.

8. The majority of my thoughts are ones of gratitude rather than I-wish-I-had-or-would-have __________ (fill in the blank) thoughts. I stay away from condemnation and respond to godly conviction, instead.

9. I go to bed early and get up early. I've researched online about how to sleep better and have made many changes in order to do so. Many. Changes. But it's been oh so worth it.

10. I stay positive. Or try, anyway. I refuse to dwell on negative political and economic news (etc.), for I believe faith is a very positive thing and God takes excellent care of His kids who trust Him with all their heart and use His wisdom to make decisions.

So there you go. Do with that what you will.


Some articles which may help:

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Whenever I buy vitamins, it's Buy One, Get One Free, plus, I use a coupon on the one I'm buying. has the best price on krill oil. They recently had a Buy One, Get One Half-Off sale, with free shipping, so I saved $25 with each two bottles and stocked up.

Something else I've noticed? Tom and I have been sick way, way less since we stopped eating out in restaurants with real dishes. We do still eat fast food and have Chinese delivered (lest you think we've been good), but these are all on disposable dishes. Hmmm...

Oh! And I forgot to add something else I feel is important--I take one or two chewable acidolphilus (Nature's Bounty mostly) tablets each day. They taste great and do important stuff like add good bacteria which can eat bad bacteria.


"Now may the God of peace Himself sanctify you entirely; and may your spirit and soul and body*** be preserved complete, without blame at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."   ... 1 Thessalonians 5:23

*** Spirit, soul and body... they all matter. They all work together and--when one is messed up--the rest just sort of limp along, hindered from being their best.


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Anonymous said...

I often wonder not just about restaurant dishes but the tables. I see them give them a quick swipe when they clear the tables for the next customer. Sometimes you can smell Clorax when they do...but how often do they get a good wipe? The edges and such? The salt and peppers and such cleaned good? Also the doors etc. I try to never touch a door with my hands.
I really think you are definitely on to something with your ideas on how to stay healthy. Mentally and physically...and spiritually. Thanks for the many thoughts and links on this.
How high a dose do you take of the krill oil? I noted that VitaCost has several types and strengths. Costco has a low dosage of it. Sarah

Debra said...

Hi Sarah! With the krill oil, we always buy the jar with 300 softgels, 1,000 units each. I take two each night and from what I've read online, these are much more potent than fish oil. We've taken these for three years, I believe, and have never felt better. Thanks for commenting! Debra

K.E. said...

In addition to the D & C, I also do 5000 mgs of methyl (this is more easily absorbed) B-12 daily. Makes a huge difference in my energy level.
Did you say the krill oil helps you sleep? I may have to give them a try.

Pat said...

All interesting recommendations, and you certainly are a good example of how well they are working for you.
I do believe getting up early is a good idea..which I need to start doing. The best part of the day is the morning!
Praying continued good health for you!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sarah as to the tables in restaurants being a problem. We almost never see them cleaning them adequately!! We use XClear Nasal Spray with Xylitol in it and chew Xylitol gum (available in health food stores or on Amazon) and it is also a good germ killer (supposed to help the teeth too). We do quite a lot of what you do vitamin-wise too. Some maybe 20 years ago we began taking a lot more vitamins and minerals and a few herbs (a doctor first helped us figure that out, plus we have added some since). We do not generally catch anything...just have diabetes, thyroid and for me high blood pressure issues to deal with. We also work at forgiving (we have kin who seem to think it a good plan to try to give us that work...heh). And focus on the next life ahead too...I do not know how anyone can be ok without that hope!!
Elizabeth now in VA