Saturday, January 12, 2013

Of Movies

I've already told you (but will again) that always, before Tom and I go watch any theater movie, I zip over to Plugged In for reviews written by a few select Christian reviewers. Rather than just giving their opinion (which for me, is usually useless at other sites since movies are soo subjective), they also list the exact naughty words you'll hear, what, if any, sexual situations you'll view and often a bullet-by-bullet account of violence.

Valuable stuff for people like Debra who loves sitting in dark theaters beside her husband (who tends to annoyingly narrate things, but whom Debra loves anyway).  

And if you'd rather chew ceiling tile than watch a movie at a theater, that's ok. Really. But there's no talking me out of it. It's one of my favorite things in Life.


I read about Tom Cruise's latest movie, Jack Reacher, at Plugged-In, noted there weren't many problematic parts (for me), then we drove the few blocks to our theater yesterday and saw it for only $6, total, due to 2 coupons(!) 

Oh my goodness. Excellent suspense film (our favorite genre) and I was tickled (delighted!) at all the Hitchcock-like scenes, pacing and camera-work. Half of it felt very 1950's to me. And it was clever. Clever.

Happy sigh.

Movies. I almost never watch Rated R ones (especially without a TV Guardian device) and I'm always disappointed when a potentially interesting film is given an R rating, ruined simply because of tons of bad language, such as Argo and Promised Land. Or an uncomfortable amount of s-e-x, such as, yes, Les Miserables (I blushed just reading those details at Plugged In). Or as with Flight, which had a good overall lesson, but used way too much sleaze, sex and language to teach it. (And which had Denzel who Tom and I both love.)

Violence I can usually handle because I can close my eyes, but if I've closed them for half of the movie, well, that's too much.

To some of you those criteria sound too strict, to others, too loose, and to still others, plain loopy. And yet? Each of us has our own personal convictions--things we can do guilt-free, without offending our conscience, without lessening who we are.  Things reminiscent of this verse:

"So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin."   ... James 4:17

And what I love about that verse? It's the 'for him' part. 

As in, I only have to think about what's right and wrong for me. For me it would feel like sin to watch a Rated R movie at a theater, but for you? I don't need to worry about your convictions, for they are yours, between you and God, and are none of my business.


I mean, I used to play Holy Ghost Jr. and tsk tsk everybody for everything they did that I wouldn't do. But now? Oh... years ago I crawled down from that finger-pointing, exhausting throne and now I just point my scepter at my own sin and then God and I work on making it go away.

And now I spend my days in amazing peace. Now, I'd never lose that for any pretend judgment throne. Never, ever again.

"And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” when you turn to the right or when you turn to the left."   ... Isaiah 30:21

"Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life."   ... Proverbs 4:23


Another suspenseful movie we enjoyed recently? Skyfall.



Mary said...

I agree Debra, Plugged in is invaluable when you have children. Not all pg-13 are created equal. I wish I didn't have to spoil the plot/ ending for myself when I check it out but that happens sometimes. You can't un-ring a bell, and once children(or sensitive adults) are exposed to certain images they are with them forever.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Go see Les Miserables, Debra. You won't regret it.

Debra said...

Mary--I like that, the 'you can't un-ring a bell' comment. So very true! Also, the 'sensitive adults' one, too. I'm thinking that, once again, you and I are on the same page. :)

Robin--aww... I just can't bring myself to see it after reading that review--and too--I used to like musicals, but now they, well, uh.... kinda annoy me. Tom and I so love suspense/mystery thrillers and that's about all we watch nowadays (ok, we're in a rut, but we're very happy here...heh). But I'm glad you liked the movie! Many of my online friends also enjoyed it a lot.

Thanks, Ladies! Blessings... Debra

Judy said...

Well said, Debra. Well said.