Thursday, January 24, 2013

Musings While I Have My Sanity :)

Thanks to everyone for your encouraging comments here and at Facebook yesterday. All continues to be well around here in spite of the impending lay-off, well, except that I had to ask Tom to please stop making me insane.

In the morning he called from work and left a message. "Would you consider moving to Florida?'

Later he emailed, "How about Seattle, Washington?"

Then another email: "I'm thinking Connecticut might be a good temporary solution."

Then he got home. "How about Texas?"

Ack! Ack! Ack!

All day I felt yanked from one American coast to the other, to the few places I've told him for years I would not live unless God, Himself, sent me an email with clear instructions.

I'd probably move to 200 places, but those are four of perhaps just 6 I wouldn't even consider.

Sigh. We all have a couple areas where we hate to be tested and this is mine: being forced to consider moving to places where God has given me no peace to go. Every two years (or less) I face this test, probably so that God can show me how far I have left to go in the area of completely trusting Him.

Anyway. I told Tom that we must hear from God and not just grasp at straws (nor make an important decision so soon after such news). I also asked him, a few times, to please knock it off. To tell his favorite co-worker buddy, instead, that maybe we'll move to Florida. Or Seattle. Or Connecticut or Texas or--

You know... it's like the ol' 'you have not because you ask not' thing. I need to get better at asking, communicating my needs. At setting some boundaries of just how much and how often Tom speaks to me about packing-up again and moving. (Only three months after we bought Hobbit Cottage, Tom yearned to take a job in Eastern New York and talked about it for weeks. Sigh. His gypsy blood...)

One thing is looking certain, though: Our next move will be out-of-state. And oh, I will miss Buffalo! I feel I've been living in the 1940's here and someday soon I'll have to move to where it's strictly 2013. And settle for less. (I know, I know. Not the ideal attitude. I'm still growing in faith in this area so please give me time.)

Oh well--I've had 20 incredible, dream-come-true years here and they'll always remain close to my heart. I'll carry those years with me and am hoping they'll help me find--and recognize--bits of antiquity and nostalgia in the new place where I end up.


For those who worried about Tom's co-worker who he filled in for on Christmas--Tom says that guy has it 'made in the shade.' I could share the details, but trust me, of all the guys at the plant, he's got the brightest, all-set future.

I asked Tom if his co-workers moaned and groaned yesterday and he said, "Not really." With all the earlier rumors, many of them (the plant, like most nowadays, doesn't actually employ 'many') had already sent-out resumes and some have jobs lined-up. The vast majority are younger than Tom and other plants in our area have openings right now.

But I'm sure any of them would appreciate your prayers that they'll be led to the right jobs soon.


"You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."   ... Isaiah 55:12

 "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."  ... Philippians 4:6,7


Re:The photo, above. Didn't you just love Olivia De Havilland in The Snake Pit? One of the few black-and-white movies I own on DVD. Perhaps I'll watch it later today. 

Later.....Oh, am watching now and--as always--I'm astounded by Olivia's superb performance!


Was extremely blessed yesterday by this duo (two teens!) singing one of my all-time favorites.


Outside my window at this moment.



Lori Alexander said...

My husband would love to move to Florida or Texas because the taxes are so much lower than here in California but I love it here! We will always have to live somewhere warm since he was raised in the Caribbean and me in Southern Ca! If it gets to 50 degrees here we're freezing...I know, we're babies.

Echoes From the Hill said...

Besides Texas having no state income tax, there are some gorgeous areas, like the Hill Country, and people are very friendly.

Tennessee would be nice, too. Closer to your daughter. No state income ta;, lower cost of living.

I'm sure you will find someplace that you will both like. If you can afford to take a few trips to prospective areas, that would help you get the "feel" of the area.


Debra said...

Lori--oh! 50 degrees is summer to me. :) I don't mind the cold, but because of Tom's handicap I do mind the snow. It's hard (what a test) not to worry about him walking in snow.

Nancy--the main thing that keeps me from thinking Texas? I've heard that the humidity is unbearable. On our few humid days here in Buffalo we both get almost sick so I'm thinking both Texas and Florida are out. :)

I probably won't be talking in my blog about where we're thinking of moving because we need to get quiet and hear from God and if lots of people are giving well-meaning suggestions we might hear those instead. Where God leads will be just right so we must hear Him. But I do so appreciate your help!

Thanks, Ladies!.... Debra

Judy said...

I love your attitude.

Anonymous said...

The Austin Texas area is not so humid. We too have heard from many who live or visited in Texas how honestly friendly and nice the people there are. Where friends live in Florida it rains almost every day on schedule and the HUMIDITY!! Decisions, decisions. I wonder why are you even thinking of moving???? Is it only for work reasons? God knows where it is best in every sense for you two. Sarah

Debra said...

Judy--thank-you, Sweetie. You already know I love your attitude!

Sarah--we'll be moving because 1.) We want to retire out of the snow. Both Tom and I are tired of being nervous for him every single winter as he precariously walks on ice, he with his polio leg and two canes. The extreme cold also affects Tom more than it does me.

And 2.) We need to retire where property taxes are not insane.

And 3.) We'd like to retire closer to our family members out West--though Tom seems to waffle on this one often. :) It would be pleasant not having to travel across the whole United States every time we felt like visiting family.

Personally? (Don't tell anyone, ok?)heh. If I had only myself to consider, I would stay in Buffalo forever. That's how much I love it here. Tom likes it, but he's never loved it the way I have.

Thanks, Ladies! ...Debra

Robin in New Jersey said...

Sorry about Tom's layoff, Debra. It sounds like you did a great job preparing for the future.

I will be moving this year also. My husband is unemployed and not collecting unemployment. :( I am trying to keep things going and having a rough time. If we don't sell the house in the spring, the bank will foreclose on us. Not sure what the Lord has in store for us or where we will be. I must trust in HIM, he knows the future.

Keep the faith!

Debra said...

Oh Robin... I didn't know that you'd have to sell your house. But oh! I'll believe with you that it will sell and that God will open up new doors of employment and opportunity for your husband and that your next home will be one just right for your family. Praying that all will be well in time and do let me know if you need anything, ok? .... Debra

Anonymous said...

Understand how you feel about moving...and all the potentials...somewhat been our life too. Though I am somewhat vagabond too.

As to Jonathan and Charlotte, they are the most astounding singers...we got their CD and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Glad you found them too. Another group we have enjoyed almost as much is IL Volo, a trio of teens from Italy...seems as the days grow darker in our world, GOD is sending out these kids who can sing, well, a taste of Heaven in my opinion!!
Blessings in the changes,
Elizabeth in VA now