Monday, January 28, 2013

Why So Many Conspiracies?

"You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."   ... Jeremiah 29:13


Practically every time I say, "Nothing in this crazy world can surprise me anymore," something comes along and surprises me.

The latest thing? All the many conspiracy theorists out there who insist the tragedy at Newtown, Conn. did not happen. All those children did not die.

And oh! Even some Christians agree. Recently I found this in the comment box at a godly prophetic blog:

"To (another commenter, not the blogger who didn't even bring this up), I too believe Sandy Hook was a government act, that is why they refuse to release the video, because it will show that there was no assault rifle used. it is a demonic psy-op to disarm people in order to make it easier for them to persecute, murder and take us into the Anti Christ period. your suspicions are correct."

Good grief. These comments further stab the hearts of those parents who lost children (young and older) on that horrible day, people who will suffer for years to come, especially those who don't know God as their Healer. 

This tragedy was real. The sister of a dear friend of mine personally knew one family involved from her church before this family moved to Newtown earlier last year--and lost their sweet little girl.

Only one of too many horror stories.

On that horrific Friday, innocent children and adults had their lives ripped from them --and to deny that is to attempt to nullify the reality that those children lived. It's to accuse the government of lying to millions and perpetrating a horrendous act upon all our hearts. 

It's to do many things, but one I'll touch on here: To passionately believe in any false conspiracy theory--to give our life to that-- is to reveal that the deepest needs of ones heart are floating around in a gaping black hole.

God created us to passionately want Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. He made us to crave closest friendship with Him and to be fulfilled by that friendship. He made us to chase after Him until we find Him. And He made all of this chasing and finding and discovering to be so awesomely rewarding that we can't help but share with others what spills from the overflow of our filled, contented, joyful hearts.

Now, if you've read here long you may recall casual mentions of mine, conspiracies if you will, regarding the FDA, the Dept. of Agriculture and the pill dispensers medical community. And ok, yes, I certainly have some not-so-kind thoughts toward them.

But. You'll not see me become an obsessed crusader regarding those groups. Instead, my first obsession will remain to follow hard after God.

And yes! Certainly people are called by God to become crusaders. But He only calls us to that which is true; He never asks that we spend our lives fighting for a falsehood. Fighting against falsehoods, ok--but not defending and standing-up for one and not spending our life's hours doing things which change nothing. God would never promote such waste.

Yet even bold crusaders must keep their love and passion for God #1. God will not share His top spot with anyone and certainly not with any cause He seed-plants within our heart beds.

Always, He must remain our number one passion. He alone: His truth, His awesomeness, His very incredible, overwhelming self. 

Only then will our passions' aims strike true.


By the way.... not only did I read in several places about this latest conspiracy, but guys at Tom's job were discussing whether it was valid as well. So really, I felt I had to comment upon it--and most likely--these sorts of things will keep popping up and eventually touch each of us in various ways.


"Almighty God,
you have made us for yourself,
and our hearts are restless
till they find their rest in you..."  ... St. Augustine

"You shall have no other gods before me."   ... Exodus 20:3



Mary said...

Wow Debra, very true. I have always thought it is was more powerful to be for something positive than against something negative. I am sickened to hear what some people think. Glad I stay away from message boards.

Debra said...

Mary--I like that! The 'being for something positive' thing.

And oh, I know--message boards. God keeps me out of most of them, yet He lets me into just enough so that--for the sake of the readers of this blog--I can 'keep my finger on the pulse of this world.' If I cease to be relevant here, if I never address current events and ways to handle them, then God will probably ask me (and rightly so) to pack this up and do something else.

Fortunately He gives me the grace I need not to go bonkers while wandering around inside those message boards! ;) As always, thanks for commenting... and I'm still praying for your sweet daughter.... Debra

Anonymous said...

This is one insane conspiracy that I had not heard of till now. People,...People!!! Find a real gooooood cause and keep your thoughts and minds and body towards doing Gooooood! Wow!! ,.. I hope I don't try {or newbe Christians especially } to learn from who ever that Christian blog was!!! What else have they gotten twisted??? I have never gone on message boards but try to keep up with some of the things going on... but as I said, This One is new to me!! Sarah

Debra said...

Oh Sarah--to be fair to the blogger--it wasn't her fault in any way what was said in her comment box. I'd better go and clear that up--I'd wondered earlier if someone might think the blogger had said something similiar.

And yes....people...sigh. But also we must remember that satan is the author of confusion and all strife, as well and he knows his time is short so he's making an all-out effort to take down the world with him.

Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra