Saturday, December 29, 2012

More ... And Less

It's baaaaack... The snow, that is. Oh well, what are ya gonna do, except maybe move away someday.

And times like these, I dream of doing just that. sigh. Especially after Tom fell backward down three of our (inside) back porch steps yesterday. (He told me I didn't need to scream, but oh dear... when people on tv tumble down steps they tend to, well, die.) It really would have helped if he'd replaced the little railing that fell off the day we moved in, but these things take time, I guess. grrr.


So we're nearing the end of another year and I'm thinking New Year's Goals (since some of you get all weird about 'resolutions'). I love goals because they point me toward a better place--aim toward Nowhere and that's likely where I'll end up.

This year I'm considering becoming more and less...

More of a coupon queen and home economist ... and less of a lazy complainer.

More of a Bible scholar and proficient writer ... and less of a tv watcher.

More of a believer ... and less of a worrier.

More of an exerciser  ... and less of an eater.

More of an organizer and tosser ... and less of a clutter collector.

More of a reader ... and less of a checker-of-email-and-blog-related-stuff addict person. (Er hem.)

More of a doer ... and less of a procrastinator.

Basically, if I become more obedient to God, all those things will just happen naturally, kind-of like the way I stood in our basement earlier this month and realized my annual grocery stock-up was 90% complete for the winter-- without my doing the usual Big Time Planning and Shopping Trips!

Instead, I'd just been faithful to buy things on sale all year, using coupons, too, and got so many greatly-reduced-in-price deals that my cupboards and freezers just naturally filled-up. Like magic almost.

Well, obeying God is kinda like that, anyway. He knows the best ways and right times to do everything--and when I stay plugged into Him--oh my! How the wrinkles seem to iron themselves away.


Forgot to tell you that-- the week before Christmas--Naomi sent us a lovely box of organic dried fruit and raw honey. She'd told us to not wait to open the box so for over a week Tom and I have been enjoying her yummy gift. It's the perfect thing--no leftover clutter involved. 


Also forgot to tell you that--because of certain circumstances beyond my control-- our basement smoke detector beeped for 28 hours last Sunday and Monday. Thought I would go insane. :)


"He must become greater; I must become less."   ... John 3:30

"But be a doer of the word and not only a hearer, deceiving your own self."  ... James 1:22


Joyce Meyer has a great New Year's Eve message about finishing what we start here.


Oh! I just now thought of another resolution goal: add five new powerful, inspiring Christian blogs to my blogroll. Oh, how I would love that!



Saija said...

i have similar goals ... i just want to be a woman Jesus can be proud of ... i know He loves me unconditional - warts & all - but i love HIM, so i desire to please HIM ...

blessings on your new year!!!!

Lori Alexander said...

I think making goals is a very good thing...It makes you strive to be a better person, more like Jesus. Great goals! Happy New Year!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Excellent list, Debra! I like your approach.

It snowed here about 4 inches yesterday. Just powdery stuff, but that's over the top of the 4 inches we got on Weds. which was frozen chunks and impossible to shovel!

I was able to get my car out for church today, but will have to shovel this afternoon. I hate shoveling! Thank the good Lord I have 4 kids here who can help!


Anonymous said...

Wow, 28 hours of annoyance noise...I would have found a way to take it off the wall (but perhaps it was hooked into the electric?) You have good we age, some of those are very logical I think...we really do need less "stuff"!! I think food gifts are ideal...glad Naomi found one you guys loved. We send gift cards generally to our sibblings...for eating out.

Hope Tom will be ok. Last Sunday eve my hubby fell down the last 5 steps of our 22 downstairs (barn apt)...we may yet have to find him a doc...injured his hand and hip both. Too much fun getting older!!
Elizabeth in VA now

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Our "new" house, with an old alarm system, also started blaring unstoppably one evening, this past year. I ended up having to pull its plug at the main control. Of course, it would all happen when hubby is away on a trip! :)