Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ten Things About Me

Since I can't think of anything important to write about today, I'll write about me.

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me:

1. Whenever I'm in a parking lot, I always park facing out of the space, even if it means parking farther away. It's much easier than craning my neck and backing-out while praying no one is walking or driving behind me.

2. I enjoy reading obituaries online from a California town where I lived from ages 17 to 29. They're well-written, bring back wonderful memories of my years there and I sometimes recognize the deceased' names.

3. This April, I'll have lived in the Buffalo area for 20 years (!) Not counting some dreadfully long winters and 3 (or 4) terribly humid summers, I have loved living here with all my heart. I'd have hated to miss all this.

4. I used to adore watching Hallmark-like romantic movies, but now they make me gag.  :)

5. I love Facebook, but grow weary of certain friends' negative posts about our government. I know those things already, everybody does. Why not spread hope and gratitude instead of more fear/distrust/hate? (You all knew this already, but I'd just come over here after reading a couple negative posts and couldn't resist.)

6. I own few clothes and tend to wear the same ones over and over. Mostly I wear black and mostly I don't even notice what other people are wearing. I'm just not a clothes (or shoes) person.

7. I truly don't mind that I'm not (and am unlikely to be) a grandmother. God has given me great happiness and contentment and keeps my heart filled with Him and busy with myriad other interests.

8. If I was offered one last meal on Death Row, I would choose spaghetti, barbecue potato chips, chocolate ice cream and orange seltzer water. (Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds.) heh.

9. When a friend sent me this vintage 1950's youtube video, (thanks, Carolyn!) I felt like it mirrored the life I've lived in Buffalo since 1993. That's how retro the inside of my head is.

10. I used to be shy, but God freed me. I used to be depressed, but God set me free. I used to be bossy and God's still working on that. :)


Oh wow! This totally made my whole week. Not just the incredible man with no arms and legs, but the things he shared with the whole world by way of Oprah's program. Woo hoo! Getting the message out there--awesome.

Thanks again, Barbara, for sharing this at Facebook--it's a perfect example of spreading hope there rather than ugliness!



Judy said...

No time to make a lengthy comment, but I am SOOO thrilled to know that I'm not the only one who cannot stomach those Hallmark movies. I did record a few of the Christmas ones but never even made it to the first set of commercials before deleting them.

Pat said...

Oh this video! I'm lost in it, it portrays my youth and what a wonderful innocent time it was! I never watch long videos, but I didn't want this one to end! I lived for the end of the school day when I could come home and watch American Bandstand!
I love this kind of post, where I can learn just a little more of people I care about!

Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed getting to know more about you Debra. I have always considered us kindred spirits. I do however still love the Hallmark movies.

Anonymous said...

Interesting points you shared about yourself...fun to hear how others think. As to the remarks about govt and other depressing things, I think sometimes people write (or send on gobs of emails) about such because they feel so unable to get their voices heard. I wish we lived in a land where such made a difference...but we are of the mind that prayers are the most effective. Maybe if more prayers were said...Scipture tells us that it will impact a nation...

Funny...when I was driving more, I was prone to park that way too, if possible...with my badly damaged neck (VERY short now), tis hard to crank my head around enough to see as well as I want to. But since hubby retired, I have not driven more than 2 or 3 times...been telling him I better practice some or I will loose my nerve entirely.

As to grandchildren, in our day, you might or might not be allowed to be much part of their lives. We have not been allowed much...after much tears, we are now not feeling the pain so much...I appreciate how GOD makes things a "distant grief". We love them and pray for them, tis about all we can do. So I cannot say at this point that if you do not have them, you are missing anything. You could be missing a lot of grief!

You are so fortunate to have the kitties!! For me, I hope one day we will again have a dog or 2!!
Elizabeth in VA now

Robin in New Jersey said...

Thank you for posting the Oprah's Life Class Video. It was excellent!

Julie no longer in Texas said...

Thanks for telling us more about yourself, Debra! It's interesting that the 50's video you linked reminds me that all that music/lifestyle was first made aware to me by the 1973 move, "American Graffiti, which spurned off "Happy Days". I remember that saddle shoes became a fashion statement again, for the junior high set, right after the popularity of the movie put them back into focus. I bought the LP soundtrack and played it over and over. My little daughter was also exposed to this music when she was a little tyke in the 1990's and even got her own soundtrack CD! Good stuff! :)