Thursday, July 26, 2012

Uh-Oh. August.

There's a reason I've been perturbed about all this humidity causing me to lose days working out in my yard.

August is coming.

And uh-oh, if you've read here long, you may remember what that means, namely, when August arrives I always peer at whatever garden or flower beds I've created and say, "Eh. You can rot for all I care. You make me tired. I'm so over you."

Yes, really--I do that. By August, I'll have moved on to reading or coupons or stocking-up groceries for Winter. Something, anything other than working in the soil out in additional weeks of heat. And I've shared at least one post which proves I'm not alone.


This past week, especially, I've felt the need to hurry, to out-run the coming tide, to work out there with Grace before she walks away. To lug in more bags of garden soil and peat moss and more flowers, worms and bricks. To get this adventure finished, otherwise August's gonna get here, I won't care anymore, and the yard will look weirdly unfinished till next Spring.

And we wouldn't want that now, would we? :)

So I'd better get back out there and do something even though it's soo humid, for August is coming ... and soon will be here. I hear it calling, even now.


Thank-you so much for your kind responses to my 8th anniversary post!


Oh, and last night I felt rather nostalgic, so here's what I posted at Facebook:

Although not a huge fan of summer, there *is* one thing I love about this time of year: the ice cream truck. Oh, not that I ever race out into the street and buy anything, but rather, I enjoy the memories of being a child and becoming excited whenever the musical truck made its way down our street. Ice cream trucks--they make me feel 10-years-old all over again. Gotta love that.


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Anonymous said...

Our summers here in S. Calif. are very hot but Aug and Sept are the most humid weeks. The advantage of living here is it cools down most every night in the summer. Such a difference from growing up in the east and sweating all night too. I still go outside as much as possible cause I love it so {being out NOT the heat} . But the plants only get watered and picked...not taken care of much other than that! The gardens look so pretty till August then it sis down hill with each week. We are to plant for fall in Sept and that is not easy with the temps being over 100 trying to keep the little seeds and plants watered!
;-) All your work now you have done on your yards will be well worth it as you have a head start and know that much is done and you can relax more ..INSIDE in august! ;-) Maybe you can sneak a nap on Tom's new mattress if that room is cool enough in the afternoon for a nap! :) Summer time is supposed to be a lazier time...but it doesn't seem like it! So try to get a nap in and read read read!!! Sarah