Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pets, Flowers, Shopping Seasons

Silly Daniel taking a nap inside a paper bag.

Don't you just love that God created the whole pets thing? Oh, the comfort, companionship and unconditional love they bring us. What a delight they are. True blessings.


And don't you love buying outdoor plants at WalMart this time of year? Those miles of empty shelves and the few straggly, droopy, dried-up plants left which are half-off. They peer up at you like, "Take me! Rescue me from this place. I promise if you give me some rich soil, water and individual care I'll someday look beautiful for you."

Well, that's what I heard this weekend from about 10 plants. Already they're looking happier. Grateful, too.


Of course, Shopping Seasons don't last forever. No season lasts forever. Not our seasons with our kids, our spouse, our home, our body, our face, our town, our church, our parents, our jobs, our friends. All seasons change, all seasons, eventually, end. Perhaps God designed it that way to keep us from ever feeling too at home here. To remind us of where our true Forever Home really is.

So why do we try so hard to cling to the temporary? To hold onto what is gone?

But thank-goodness Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. He does not change, He does not end during our short stay upon this planet. Whew.



Remember when I mentioned the Scholastic book, Blue Treasure by Helen Girvan? Well, yesterday the Insulation Guys were here all day (and are here again now) and whenever we have workmen around, I always feel restless, as though I want to accomplish things, but I can't, because I'll just get in someone's way or will be interrupted repeatedly. So. I chose to read Blue Treasure and rather than feeling restless, I went to Bermuda, instead. Well, kinda! What a fun, exotic, adventurous book, one which teaches some interesting art history about this artist's works, as well.  Highly recommended if you can find it.


Here are three free (as of today) kindle books you may enjoy:

Pulled By Horses by Evelyn Whiting

Baby's Breath by Melanie and Kevin Wilber

My New Life in Brazil --Part 2 by J.N. Paquet


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