Saturday, July 21, 2012

Books. Games. Book Games.

When Tom and I were first married, we loved to play card games with his sisters' families. We'd all sit around a table and play spades or Uno or Pit, sometimes till midnight because, usually, one of our brothers-in-law would plead, "Just one more game! Just one more."

Those long ago nights were fun and I recall them fondly. I also remember playing about a thousand hours' worth of board games with Naomi. I recall those with a smile, too. (Except for Candy Land. Good grief. I became one of those parents who eventually hid that endless, mindless game way up in a closet.) heh.

But for the past decade or longer, I've had no desire to play card or board games. Some of our oldest friends (who live very far away) still enjoy such games, but they (the games) are no longer my idea of a good time. I'd rather talk and laugh with our friends and share good meals.

And I'd also rather play my own solitary game, one I call Playing With Books.

How do you play that one? Well, you get some bookshelves and--after you discard the books you don't wish to read a second time-- you arrange your books first by catagories: adult, teen, children, reference, books-I've-not-yet-read. Then you arrange them alphabetically by author. Then you sit back and smile at your lovely books. Then you choose one to begin reading.

Yep, at this stage of my life, that's my favorite game to play. That's my idea of a great solitary time alone.

And I guess it's just one more change I've seen within myself over the years, one I've come to peace with. Some people might get all worried and wonder, "Why don't I love playing games with other people like I used to?" But not me. We all change and morph into who God designed us to be--that is--if we're cooperating with Him, not just wishing the tests away nor allowing ourselves to get stuck in muddy places like unforgiveness, fear, bitterness, etc. Get stuck in those dark places and they'll suck The Good Life right out of you.

Instead, I would recommend celebrating changes rather than dreading or worrying about them. That's my advice for this day.


Speaking of books, here are more recommendations for your kindle:

A Horse Called September by Ann Digby.  Free as of today.
Murder in the Milk Case by Candice Speare Prentice. .99 cents as of today and the only ebook I've paid for so far, yet I'm glad I bought it. I love it.
Bucks, Beds and Bricks by Jean Blane Flannery. Free as of today.

And here's a fun book I found at an estate sale yesterday:  The Sweet Life by Lynn York. 

And oh my.... at that estate sale home, there were more than 300 gardening books. Can you imagine? I never see that many at libraries or bookstores, even. Wow.

"For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them."  ... Ephesians 2:10

"Repent therefore and return, that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord..."  ... Acts 3:19


Echoes From the Hill said...

Thanks for the links to the Kindle books. I just got all three of them. I never thought I would enjoy a Kindle, but I'm loving the one I got for my birthday.

I got several free books by Gene Statton-Porter who wrote her books in the early 1900's. I have really been enjoying them. Many of her books are free on I've noticed that sometimes some of them are free and some are 99 cents and the prices vary from day to day. The books are very interesting, sweet, and sometimes seem very naive, but that is the way things must have been at that time in history.
The ones I've read, or are reading are "Freckles", "A Girl of the LImberlost" and "A Daughter of the Land".

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was sitting with a group about to leave when all of them started talking about their favorite authors and books and series of books etc. Now how could I leave? All of us have a love of books although some different types. Yet within this group of women they circulate books constantly. They all own and keep them but loan them out one at a time and they go round and round the group. Now this is my idea of a club!! :) I just don't get people that don't read. This is wrong and judgmental but I soooo enjoy reading that I want everyone to have such fun too!! My father would bring home a grocery bag of books and then take another back to work as his workers also circulated books. Yes, I play with my books too. I usually put them in order of subject but do put all from one author together. There is nothing like wanting to check a book and being able to just go to the shelf and pick it out quickly. And the site of a couple of yet to be read books is a great anticipation !!
When I was growing up it seemed all the married couples played cards together every week I thought when I grew up certainly that would continue. No. :( I don't know why that would disappoint me though as I was always lousy with card games.. :) Ask my friends!! I should still enjoy playing board games but no one will play with me so I guess I will have to be content to play the books game alone... :-) Sarah

Dolores said...

There is only one game I will play, Trivial Pursuit. As for card games, YUK!

Also, I have heard my daughter say quite often, "Ma, are you playing with your books again?"

P.S. I too hate to talk on the phone.

Anonymous said...

We used to, as young marrieds, stay up till the wee hours playing ROOK...but that had a lot to do with our friends, as that was what they so loved to play. Then my son had a best chum who loved to play too. Since we have all moved so far apart, we have not had anyone else who wanted to play. We too would rather sit and talk and enjoy good food! I guess it comes with age perhaps...

Terra said...

Oh your Book Game sounds so sweet, and just what my hubby and I enjoy.