Friday, July 20, 2012


So. I might be the only person you know who doesn't love cell phones. Personally, I believe their best use is for emergencies and we should just leave it at that and move on with our lives already.

Heh. But that's not a "thus sayeth the Lord thing" by any means. It's just a personal preference.

And yet there are types of phones that I do love: old-fashioned black phones. 

Perhaps you remember this phone which I bought from ebay probably 10 years ago:

I look at that and think pleasant, nostalgic thoughts. The ringer doesn't work, but it is possible to speak through it to someone in the outside world.

Then there's the phone we've used regularly for probably 6 years, one I bought at a yard sale for a mere $1:

A great deal, but it's not behaved well with our Magic Jack service. Occasionally we've considered throwing it out the window because hey, when you need to make a call, well, you need to make a call. And when a phone won't allow you to do that, it's frustrating. Too, since February the ringer on this phone has made the wimpiest, weariest, sputter-sputter noise you ever heard. You can sit right beside it with the tv and the fan going and not even hear it. Hasn't bugged me too much (not being a phone person), but it's made Tom wild-eyed at times.

Well. Both Tom and I feel that his current job was provided by God mainly so that we could afford much-needed repairs to this house and so that we could replace our possessions which have just plain ol' worn out. 

So look what arrived yesterday:

A brand new phone. Is that cute, or what? And the ringer is even strong and healthy, too. :) Tom bought it online, though I can't recall from which company. All I know is that it's here, I'm so grateful for it and now we can move on and replace some other broken-down thing.

God is so good.


Today my prayers are going out to all those involved with the Aurora, CO shootings. And for all of us, too, actually, who must live during a time when more people than ever are opening themselves up to evil and obeying its call.



Elizabeth said...

Debra, I feel the same way about cell phones,although I do like my grandchildren having them,means I can get in touch with them at anytime. I love your new phone!

Anonymous said...

Debra, we too have one cell phone for emergency use only and have no intention of venturing further into high tech.

My hear breaks for the all the victims and their famlies due to this tragedy in CO. I've prayed for them all morning.
Great phone.


Tracy said...

I have a Smart phone but I really don't use it much. Thinking about switching to a pay as you go phone when my contract runs out in Feb. so I will be able to contact help in an emergency on the road.

Anonymous said...

My favorite old phone has always been the middle one you show. My grandparents had that one till the 70s. Boy are the old ones heavy! Our phone at home was like your new one. My sister still uses it. :) We used to think nothing of the weight..or the shortness of the phone cord until things changed so drastically in phone designs and weight. Now they feel tons heavy compared.
Ya know I didn't even know that the shooting had happened till I read your post late this morning. I went to Yahoo and read about it. We seldom have the news on. It is all so sad. Those poor people and their families. There are just no words... Sarah

Judy said...

I like the heavy black phone - makes me think I'm at my grandma's house.
If I ever venture out on my own, I like having a cell phone. Other than that, I just DO NOT get what the big deal is with talking to people ALL THE TIME.
But like you, it's just my preference.