Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Grateful

I'm grateful that we had a huge rain storm yesterday afternoon. Boy, were we inching toward drought-conditions, something rare for our area. Though oh well, part of my Prayer Garden got washed away, but just part, and I lost only some forget-me-nots (I can always find more around the lawn) and hopefully my tomato plants will pull through. But I'll survive if they don't.

And I'm grateful that I've already been to the supermarket early this morning and am especially grateful for air-conditioning inside the car, the store and this little office in our house where I'm now sitting. Oh the humidity outside! One of those days you step out the door and immediately begin gasping for air (well....... almost....).

I'm grateful, too, that--even though Tom's new arranged-to-be-delivered-today mattress was damaged in the rain at the warehouse, still the guys brought him a nice one an hour ago to use while they make him a new one. And I'm grateful that I was able to haul down the old ones to our basement in that room I'm making for Naomi, but oh, did I ever become a hot, soppy mess while doing that, taking special care not to awaken Tom who'd returned to bed (he worked night shift) and trying to quiet the cats who, literally, bounced off the walls hyper-style.

But most of all I am super, incredibly thankful that our amazing God protected Naomi on Saturday night down there in Tennessee. Here is her Facebook post about what happened:

"Last night, while waiting at a stop light, the combination of hearing distant fire trucks along with noticing a cop car behind me caused me to *very* cautiously proceed into the intersection when the light turned green. This slight hesitation SAVED me from being T-boned by a car running through the red light from the left. DIVINE INTERVENTION??! I absolutely think so. SO THANKFUL today! And that cop NAILED that driver!! :)"

Oh wow. How can I thank God enough for that one? Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to infinity, dear Lord!!


Something else for which I'm grateful.... Charlotte Fig Takes Over Paradise. Truly, I'll always feel delighted that I got it free for my kindle cloud reader. What a good book! I'm reading it slowly, for I don't want it to end, I don't want the characters to go away. Highly recommended.


One of the mattress delivery guys was delighted by this thing beside our front door:

(That's an old photo of it from out at the farm.) I told him my grandparents had one while I was growing-up so I'd wanted one, too. Anyway, he seemed like a kindred spirit, both Tom and I thought he'd be a pleasant person to know.



Sara said...

Ahhh, the incredible power of simple, gentle gratitude.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Rejoicing with you! The divine hand of God~~thank you Lord!

Dolores said...

Wow, thank goodness Naomi is Ok. Scarey. I was looking for something to read on my Kindle and guess what I found? Charlotte Fig takes over paradise! I must have downloaded it before and forgot about it. I am really enjoying it and I am not usually a fiction reader.

Anonymous said...

No small gift your daughter being saved that way!!! If you survived such, you would probably have pain the rest of your life. My accident has left me with pain every day. Not constant however, so that I am grateful for!! And it could be worse. But how much better to be saved from that entirely!!! Happy for her and you!!

Pat said...

Such joy to be found in gratitude, especially in the every day things!
I'm so glad to hear that Naomi is ok from what could have been very tragic. God's protection surrounded her! Now that's something BIG to be grateful for!

Anonymous said...

Gratitude. What a beautiful word. For all the things we remember God kept us safe or provided or in any way altered our lives {let alone gave us life} He knows of thousands more we never knew that could have or did happen we knew nothing about. Think of it. Even if we had been born to the same parents only many years ago we could have died of childhood deceases or many things we come through safely now. Gratitude that Naomi is safe, that you didn't hurt yourself moving those heavy and cumbersome mattresses down the stairs, or faint in the heat at least. Glad Tom could get some sleep through it all. Thankful for rain that seems so simple but so needed by a very thirsty land. I am sure the list could go on forever. He has given us so very much. Yes Lord we are thankful for you and all the wondrous things you give us starting with life itself. Sarah