Monday, July 02, 2012

Life Around Hobbit Cottage

So I went with the summer re-run posts because my thoughts have been, well, disjointed lately and they still kinda are, so most likely, this post will be disjointed, too. 

But anyway, remember how, when Tom was laid off and home 24/7, I wished and prayed he'd go someplace, anyplace, so I could play Suzy Homemaker at least occasionally? 

Well, be careful of what you wish for. Man, he's never home now. Nearly never. He's been working something like 70+ hours a week (one day he worked 18), leaving the house morning or noon or late night, and I have to practically beg him to take a day off. It's all the training, all this learning new things so he'll be ready to run the plant by this  Friday. Gah. And the craziness won't stop then, for he still plans to get additional training on his days off, even after he's running the place. 

(And no, he's not having an affair. heh. We already discussed how it's a good thing that I trust him.)

The good thing is that he's enjoying 90% of this and feels revitalized by it all. So of course, that makes me sound like a wretched old hag when I complain about his always being gone. I told him this morning that he'd better be quite thankful that Netflix has 6 seasons of Bones, because Temperance and Seely have been getting me through this Season Of The Missing Husband. (Remember how I needed another tv series to watch? Well, I've been happy with Bones, a show I'd seen now and then, but had never watched consecutively as I am now.)

This season, too, shall pass.... This season, too, shall pass...

So, well, Life and the lessons go on (and on) and I remind myself to knock-off the complaining, lest the discontent enter into my heart--because once there--I'll be sunk. Well, mostly sunk. And there's plenty of negativity going on everywhere I look and do we all need one more Whiny Complainer? Uh, no. Besides, what's there really to complain about? I've got Jesus and Daniel and Sammy around here and they make everything just right. 

(See that little frog, above? Got him for pennies at Rite Aid when I walked there one day. Love how he always greets me outside.)

And see the cup hooks holding my tomato plants up? I needed something when they began falling over. They're not doing as terrific as they could because the sun shifts around a lot over there, though it's a true southern exposure, and of course, first year gardens are not known for their bounty, either. And yet? Always, I've viewed my gardens as experiments and ways to learn what works and what does not. And we all need those types of things so that we'll keep growing and not turn into Pudgy Ol' Sticks-In-The-Mud With Baby-like Tendencies. Never try new things, never grow. That's what I say, anyway.

See, I told you this would be disjointed, but oh well. There you go!

Live and laugh and learn today along with me, ok?


Oh, and here's our kitchen after I moved our 'island' to the wall. I like the look of the kitchen better with it in the center, but the feel is nicer with that extra, open space. I sit in Tom's recliner, watching Bones and feeling happy about that simple kitchen of ours (which looks better in-person, as do all my photos!).

"And be ye thankful..."



Anonymous said...

When I go to wishing that things were different I think also of the alternative and actually that is not good either. Through out life I have viewed so many families and people and jobs etc etc and thought how great they seemed. Then you are around them or hear through time about them and everything has a down side. No one has the perfect life. I grew up through the Kennedy years. People would say they have sooo much money! Well even Jackie knew of many people with much more. Also she could have sheets and anything hand made for her but she also had so very many tragedies in her families life. Would we really want to trade? Not even for a day.
I guess if Tom's health is not suffering any from the hours and his heart mostly sings when he is working things are going good on that front. Yes this will only be for a season no matter how long that season is. So will your life alone at home be just for a season. Think back on the things you wanted to do but he was home 24/7 so you did not get them done. Is there any thing like that you can get done? Like canning or really really cleaning a room or going somewhere he doesn't like as much? Taking a class? Just thinking. Your post may have been disjointed but still fun! Sarah

Debra said...

Hey Sarah... thanks. That's just the thing: I can't think of anything I'd like to do, at least, nothing besides the usual stuff which doesn't take much time each day. I feel like I've outgrown the decorating thing and I really, really don't want to go out and buy stuff and bring it home. I guess I'll just have to wait on God until He gives me some new ideas! Thanks for your encouraging comments--they mean so much! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

But are there any art museums or such you might like to leisurely visit? I wasn't thinking of buying things just learning and enjoying. A one day class. You could also volunteer someplace if even for a day. Places need little and big things done for hour or a day. You could be surprised at the things you can do. You don't need to join Habitat for Humanity or anything! :) An elderly friend of ours is enjoying getting together a couple times a week with a 12 year old neighbor. Teaching her basic sewing, mending, cooking, crafts, doing puzzles together etc. They are both having a ball! Course you should wait for God's guidance. If we lived closer I would enjoy having lunch together!! I would cook.....and if it was at your house playing with your cats! :-) Sarah

Debra said...

Sarah--yeah, that's the thing again... I can think of 50 ideas like those, but they never sound like the right thing to do. But when God gives me an idea, it's always the perfect thing that I will enjoy, I'll want to keep doing and it will be profitable in lots of ways for not just myself, but for others. So again, that's why I'm waiting on Him--and most likely--God is first asking that I be more faithful with what He's already given me to do before He gives me something else. That sounds just like Him. :) Thanks for helping! Blessings,Debra

Anonymous said...

Oh Debra!!!! I just had to tell someone! We have been praying for healing for someone and as of tonight it seems to have happened!!! We are so thankful!!! Sarah

Deborah Raney said...

I SO relate to your experience of having your husband home all the time, and then having to adjust when he's gone. As much as I adore my husband, I thought life as I knew it was over when he was laid off and started his own business from home. Now, almost 3.5 years later, I love having him home and love our new life. I think I would be feeling as adrift as you are if he was suddenly going off to work every day––especially such long hours as Tom is working. I pray this season is shorter rather than longer for you.

One thing I can tell you, Debra, I would NOT be watching BONES if I was home alone! I like that show a lot, but I'm a big chicken and that's definitely not a "home alone" show, in my estimation! : )

Praying this morning that God sends you just exactly the right ideas for how to fill your hours.